Cheapest Place to Stay in El Nido, Palawan

A month before our trip, I started to search on where we will stay in El Nido. We really don’t want to spend that much in a room knowing we’ll be out for the whole day.

So I searched;

“cheapest hotel in el nido”

Price ranges from 800-1,200 php / night

“cheap inn in el nido”

Price ranges from  500-1,000 php / night

and the last one is

“cheapest accommodation in el nido”

and viola! The top search is from a Pinoy travel blogger Lakas ng Trip!

This blog really helped us to get around El Nido from a domestic traveler’s point of view . Places to eat, where to go, what tour to avail, how to get around town etc. So I got excited when I read about his post about Tay Miloy’s Inn.

Would you believe that it only costs 300/night?! That would be  P150 each! Jackpot!  So I sent a message to Kuya Rodrigo!

It was just really like a house

The room is very basic. Just what we need. And it’s pink ; )

Veranda. This is where where we drink our coffee while observing the locals as they pass by.

Second floor. 3 rooms plus the common bathroom.

The tours offered by Tay Miloy’s Inn c/o Servant Tours. We booked Tour A

Other services

Tay Miloy’s Inn was named after the father of the owner’s wife and he is quite popular in El Nido that when you say to the tricycle driver to take you to Tay Miloy’s house they would know where it is. We kept calling Kuya Rodrigo, Tay Miloy til the 2nd day we stayed there. We stopped calling  Kuya Rod ” Tay Miloy”, but that is embarrassing for us.. hehe

There are different ways to get to El Nido. You have the choice to drive, fly and ride a boat. Flying might be the quickest way but also the most expensive option. Many tourist who stay in Manila and are planning to visit El Nido make several stops. You can plan a road trip and stay in a hotel in Batangas. From there, you can ride a boat and stay In Coron for a few days. Then ride a ferry to El Nido. Boat rides are an exciting and affordable way for you to travel, specially if you have plenty of time to spare and would like to visit different islands.

Contact Details

Mobile No.: 0929-795-5756 – Rodigo Caranog


Near the Lexus Shuttle Station. Less than 5 minutes walk to the beach.


Off-Peak Season
(May – Nov)
Fan Room: 300 Pesos/night/room
Aircon Room: 800 Pesos/night/room
Good for 2 pax/room;
Additional of 150 Pesos per extra pax
Peak Season
(Dec – April)
Fan Room: 500 Pesos/night/room
Aircon Room: 1,000 Pesos/night/room
Good for 2 pax/room;
Additional of 150 Pesos per extra pax
  • Check-out Time: 12 NN
  • All rooms have common bathrooms.
  • They only have 3 fan rooms and 1 aircon room.
  • Rooms have electric sockets for your gadgets.


  • If the reservation was made in Tay Miloy’s Inn and there would be changes in your travel plans; please inform Kuya Rod before hand. Please inform them so they can offer the room to other guests.
  • The owner may provide hot water for drinking; guest may also use the kitchen you just need to ask the owner
  • The establishment is near the municipal hall, elementary school, eateries and grocery stores
  • Reservations must be made in advance



16 thoughts on “Cheapest Place to Stay in El Nido, Palawan

  1. Steve Davis says:

    awesome. i went to palawan in january. i’m from the states, but i was only in puerto princessa. i loved palawan and i definitelly wanna go spend 1-2 weeks in el nido and coron. do u know what the cheapest place to stay on the water would be there in el nido?

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