Idols Face Off

Meeting the people you look up to is a very amazing experience! Whether it’s an artist, band, or in my case travel bloggers. When I joined the contest by Sole Sisters, I was really praying to win cos of the prize PLUS the chance to actually meet Lois Yasay! And when she sent a message in facebook that I won the contest. Questions started to pop in my head! Questions that I always wanted to ask her!

So last September 27, I met up with Ms. Lois at The Dome in Shangri-La Mall. (Too bad Endette was sick then) I get to meet her and the incredible DJ Yabis (Wow jackpot! Two travel bloggers one night!)

Meeting them both was surreal! I learned a lot! From saving money for your next travel funds, best airline, where to go next etc. And they told two things that I would never forget;

“Just go for it!” – Lois

“Fake it till you make it!” – DJ

Here is our picture! With my prize the VMV Hypoallegenics Armada 70 Sport!  I can’t wait to use it in our Boracay trip next month!

Can’t wait to meet other travel bloggers and compile all those wisdom they will tell me! 😉


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