The Act of Saving Your Travel Fund

It’s travel month once again and we’re off to Boracay on the 23rd. Believe it or not it will be our first time to go there. And what’s the number 1 issue again, yes you say it right, budget! Money, travel budget, travel funds etc.

After our Palawan trip, I’d told myself to save money for this trip. And read a lot of tips from different travel bloggers on how they’ve saved theirs. So yaaay for me cos I’ve came up some tested tips on how to save travel funds in a short time.

1. Sell some of your stuff.

Let go of your clothes, shoes and bags that you probably didn’t get to use for 3 months.

2. Skip the luxuries. 

I used to own a Blackberry. So every month I subscribe to the plans like worth 299/month. Plus I pay an extra 350 for my postpaid line. I know it’s not too much, but after the experience of traveling. I learned so much about being practical. So I ditched my Blackberry (cos I also got bored with it) and just enjoyed my low profile Nokia phone.

3. Stay away from malls.

So that you won’t be tempted to shop! Even they’re on sale!

4. Get a second job. 

Yes, my job pays well. But my salary only goes to the house bills. I asked around and luckily an old colleague referred me to this events  company that pays well. So now,  the extra money becomes my savings for travel.

5. Learn to say “no”.

In the office, we have this Monday habit of drinking milk tea. So for a month I spend 400 pesos just for milk tea! Gah! 400 pesos can lead to places, can let me sleep in unusual places or anything travel related experience! After realizing some things, I finally got the courage to say no when they asks me to have milk tea. I learned to turn down lunch and dinner dates. Of course I still go out, drink milk tea. But only once a month.

Now this is what traveling has taught me. Instead of spending money over things that I really don’t need. Why earn and spend it to buy experience?!

So do you have useful and long term saving tips? Share it to me pretty please? 🙂


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