The Dream To Travel Solo

“Traveling alone gives you time to see the things you want to and to meet people you would never normally speak to. If you are contemplating solo travel pluck up your courage, know your limits and when all else fails, feign confidence.”

The other day Kaiye texted me if I was up to try to travel solo. Of course, I was so excited and I agreed instantly. Then I sat to can think if we can do it. Then, the second question that pops in my head is where in the Philippines are we going?!

We agreed on a few things on the particulars of our solo trip:

1. I am going North and Kaiye is going South.

2. We can re visit a place where we have  been.

3.  We cannot take a two-way plane ride because of the cost. So, we must take a combination of land or sea transportation and a one way plane ride.

4. The duration of the trip is between 4-5 days.

5. The solo trip will be next year.

Any suggestions on where we should go?


20 thoughts on “The Dream To Travel Solo

  1. ibukun says:

    Travelling solo has been a dream of mine for about a couple of months now. It really does give you the chance to find yourself and learn a lot about cultures in other countries. If I travel solo it will be about 3-5 days too.

  2. Jherson Jaya says:

    places to go are endless… weather solo or two… time is not enough to conquer it all =) i always have the impression that walking around vigan solo would give you bizarre moment as climbing to sagada alone =’)

    • thetwobrokegirls says:

      Wala naman, ayaw lang namin ma-experience ang nababasa at naririnig sa’min sa iba. Tsaka hassle daw sa airports sa Manila, and we’re from Bulacan kaya medyo malapit rin kami sa Clark 🙂

      – Kaiye

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