Completing The Circle

“With the Philippine archipelago as the backdrop, 8 indie travelers take us through a full circle of travel.”


What’s your favorite TV show? Gossip Girl? Glee? The Walking Dead? Survivor? You know that feeling when one of those ends their season and you become sad because you need to wait 3 months or more just to watch it again? Well my personal favorite online reality travel show will end their 1st season 10 days  from now!

And because I love the show so much, I will give 3 reasons why YOU should watch PHL360!

1. It’s online based. You can watch your favorite episodes over and over and over and over again.

2. It shows how b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l our country is!

3. It inspires you to travel more, to discover places, and to be brave to try out new things.

PHL 360 is an independent production organization composed of travel advocates, bloggers, photographers and 
cinematographers. We are producing a series of webisodes fostering independent and advocacy travel marketed through the new media.

Now I present you the cast! Endette and Natz knows that I’m team Chichi and Ron!  (Well, besides I love the place they went to! Duh! El Nido lang naman! I really love their humor and how they bully support each other! Haha)

The Cast (from left to right)

Hannah Villasis

Dong Ho 

Chyng Reyes

Robert Alejandro

Chichi Bacolod

Ron Cruz

Monette Fernandez

Robbie Bautista


Sa sobrang addicted ko sa show, nung nag tweet ang PHL360 that they’ll be having a closing party ( I’LL GET TO MEET THE CAST AND CREW!!!! OMG OMG OMG) I think isa ako sa mga naunang nag send ng form sa kanila! Haha

(see picture below)

For updates:

*Photos from PHL360’s official Facebook fan page


8 thoughts on “Completing The Circle

  1. Natz says:

    Naalala ko ang pagfafangirl natin nung pauwi from Travel Massive. 🙂 Also, may isa pang dahilan kung bakit tayo fangirls ng show na ito. Diba? 😉 hihi.

    See you next week? Mag-eemail ba for confirmation? 🙂

    • thetwobrokegirls says:

      Eeek! Kinikilig pa habang pinagkwekwentuhan! Hihi ssshhhh quiet na tayo! Baka may maka-alam! 😛

      Wala na atang confirmation, as long as you sent the form okay na. Dalhin mo na camera mo ha? You know naman! 😉

      – Kaiye

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