PHL360’s Season 1 Closing Party

The journey that we made towards 10-A Alabama St. in Quezon City was no different than the other trips we made in the Metro. Rush hour, traffic among other things, when we arrived in the venue it was different.

The house was already a treat. I personally love antique stuffs because my grandfather,  Amang Popoy was a magbobote and their old house was full of antique items.  I felt at home the moment I stepped inside the house because the things reminded me of my childhood. The backyard where we had the viewing party was held is even better.

A night out with a few drinks, a good chat is all we were after and of course to watch the last episode of PHL360.

The privilege of chatting with the cast Chyng ReyesRobert AlejandroRon Cruz, Dong Ho and the crew was more than we could have asked for. All of them were very accommodating and they made sure that we felt at home in the venue. They told us scenes that were not shown in the show. They told us about that the show was just an idea shared in the internet and setbacks they have encountered while filming.  It was amazing that they started conceptualizing the show with only a handful of sponsors; telling us that they did not expect the overwhelming reception of the viewers. The cast also gave us pieces of advice in travel. There ice cold drinks and some food served for everyone.

The cast and crew sharing off-cam stories 

One big smile

Kaiye’s fan girl moment. Pictures with the cast,  NatzKenneth and some travel enthusiasts. 

Take home goodies! We love the Dispatch Mag Online Journal

Kaiye’s most priced possession! Travel/blogging tips from the cast! 

We really enjoyed the night and the best news is there will be Season 2. (I know, Kaiye’s screaming for joy when she heard about it!)

Thank you PHL360 for having us last Saturday!

We are The Broke Girls and we completed the circle. Naks! Pwede!  😉

Some photos are from PHL360’s facebook page


14 thoughts on “PHL360’s Season 1 Closing Party

  1. darwinthetreasuretracker says:

    sayang I wasnt able to attend kasi I was somewhere else.. pero the best talagang kasama ang mga cast ng PHL360. sarap nila kasama sa mga gala.

    hope to meet you soon thetwobrokegirls 😉

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