What’s Inside The Two Broke Girls’ Backpack

And we’re back! To start off our Boracay posts, we decided to share to you what we brought in our 3days/2nights trip!

When on the road we must be sure to bring all the things we need and it must fit our ever faithful backpacks.


“pashima, 2 cover ups, 3 tops, 1 set bikini, 1 board shorts, 1 denim shorts, toiletries, shades and headware” – Endette


“1 cover up (which I didn’t get to use), 1 tank top, 4 tops (I only get to wear 2 haha), 2 sets of bikini, 1 board shorts, 1 denim shorts, bag of toiletries, ID holder (praning ako pag wala ito sa’kin), headware (which I won from the PHL360 closing party)” – Kaiye

Here’s our Top 3 must-haves:

1. Headware

Since I bought mine 2 months ago, I really have no idea if I will able to use it on our Boracay trip. Thankfully I get to watch some videos (hint: PHL360) I finally got some tips on how to wear it. And it became really handy during our trip. (We’re preparing a different post for this!)

2. VMV Hypoallergenics Aramda Sport 70

Kaiye’s luck in winning some contests really comes in handy. Armed with 70-90 SPF, no wonder we didn’t burnt our skin like what happened to us in El Nido.

3. Gadgets

A Nokia phone, a Samsung Tablet and a Nikon Cool Pix Camera. The Nokia is just a standard call and text phone (both of us use this because of its durability plus its snatcher proof!) A Samsung tablet 7.0 for the necessary tweeting and updates, this can also be used as a cellphone. During our Boracay trip, we used Sun Cellular’s i150 for All Day Internet service, the connection in the island was good we didn’t have problems with connectivity. The service cost 100 pesos which is the cheapest price for a 3 day unlimited internet.

Remember, whenever going a trip regardless if it is a weekend out or an epic trip planning is essential. Bring only the essentials and review rules in air travel. We don’t want anything confiscated by airport staff.

Note: This is not a sponsored post.



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