Keep Calm and Just Jump at Ariel’s Point Boracay

Tumalon ka na! Wag ka na mag-isip!!!!

This is what my friend Abee is shouting while I’m standing at the edge of the 3 meter high rock at Ariel’s Point.

Going back last March, I realized that the one of the reasons why I wanted to explore our country is because of the GMA News Special Travel: More Fun in the Philippines; it showcased the beautiful places like Siargao, Baguio, Palawan and Boracay. And surprisingly it felt like  na talagang pinupuntahan ko yung mga destinations na napanood ko!  Oh well moving on…


To jump or not to jump?!


While waiting at Boracay Beach Club, I was staring blankly at the sea and asking myself if I can really jump. I only watched some videos of the cliff and  knew the description how high it is in meters.

Time Check: 11:15 am

A hotel attendant catch our attention to announce some safety reminders while we’re on Ariel’s Point. It took about 3 mins, then he instruct us to follow one of the crew leading to our boat.

The whole trip to Ariel’s Point was fun and relaxing. I love the feeling that I’ll actually leave the busy island (Yeah, anti-social lang ang peg) For 30 mins, we are under the sun, with a Rhum Coke on my left hand and a camera on my right, while dancing and singing with the music playing in our background and joking around with the other guests.


Okay, Kaiye go na! Remember you want this?! Thrill kamo hanap mo di ba?! Pwes tumalon ka ngayon!

This is what I kept saying to myself for the last 5 minutes. 


Feeling matapang

From where I was standing (from the boat), I really thought it was not that high. I keep telling  my friends, “Naaaaah wala yan! Kaya yan!”

The moment we arrived and after 2 glasses of Rhum Coke and a bottle of Red Horse (take note in 30 minutes yun ha?!)

I was ready for an adventure! …or not!

I step on the edge of the 7 meter high platform and my knees starts to get weak. Damn! Do I really have to?! Then I remember what the hotel attendant told us, if we want to know how to it feels to hit the water  try to jump from the 3 meter edge first.



No looking back

After some time (like about 15 mins and a dozen of other brave soul already jumped) I looked back up the top to check if Endette’s ready to take my picture (Hahaha yun talaga naisip ko :P) and to Abee’s annoyed face down at the water who’s been waiting for me to hit the water.

And looked straight to the ocean without thinking then BOOM! I jumped!


Buti pa si Ate Endette, literal na 5mins lang nasa edge tapos biglang talon! Duh! She has a more experience than me! Insert SOLAS application!


The jumped felt like my world is in slow motion. The moment I opened my eyes, bubbles are the only things I could see. My little mermaid moment! (Ang bakla lang! Haha)

“P*t*!” That’s the first thing I said to myself while rising above the water. Hahaha harsh right?! But actually it felt good. I just conquered my fear of jumping and falling into deep waters!  \m/


It was already 4:45 pm and we’re about to leave. I’m standing at the 8 meter platform. Should I jump? Will I regret this if I’ll not jump?

K payn! I regret that I didn’t jump. But at least praktisado na ko for next year’s Buho Rock cliff jump!


One of the brave souls from Korea


Challenge yourself for a day and try cliff diving!

  1. Make your reservation for the tour at Boracay Beach Club in Station 1 the moment you arrive at the island.
  2. The fee is Php 1,500.00 which includes unlimited drinks, buffet lunch and a yummy sweet merienda.
  3. Make sure you are free the whole day, the boat leaves around 11:30am and returns to the island by 5:00pm
  4. There are other activities besides cliff diving. You can snorkel (see how deep the water really is), kayak (there’s a nearby beach and you can check it out) or just abuse the free flowing drinks haha
  5. If you’re a scared-ey cat like me, try first the 3 meter high to feel the water and slowly climbed your way to the top.
  6. And if you’re a brave soul, just remember try to hold your nose, straighten and cross your legs when you jump for you to avoid to get hurt.
  7. Don’t force yourself to jump if you really can’t, one of the guests hurt  himself after he jumped from the highest platform. (And yes he’s drunk)
  8. You can still jump even you don’t know how to swim! There is a kuya life guard, who will gladly assist once you hit the deep waters.
  9. In case you’re wondering how high the platforms, here’s an info from Ariel’s Point website;

There are five different cliff diving platforms at Ariel’s Point.  The exact heights vary based on the tide levels, but our highest platform is 13 meters above the water, with the lower ones at 7 meters, 6 meters, 5 meters, and 3 meters.

And it was definitely a fun and thrilling day.

.. Bucket List: Cliff Diving [ / ]

Life is good! 😉


On our way back to the island




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14 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Just Jump at Ariel’s Point Boracay

  1. ManilaCitizen says:

    Namiss ko tong Ariel’s. Babalik ako dito!!! Wahaha. Tama, I regretted I didn’t jump the 8M too and waited for the last minute before deciding… “Next time nalang.” Hahaha

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