Wherever The Wind Takes Us

“Where are you heading next?! What are your plans for travel?!”

These are just some questions was asked every time we get to chance to chat with someone and the topic of adventures was brought up.

We have plenty of things to plan for this year from our Bucket List to tick and a Vision Board to seek inspiration from.

2012 has been good to us  for it has given plenty of opportunities to explore, experience and meet awesome people. We’re pretty sure that we learned a few things on travel and these lessons will be useful in the coming trips/adventures. Our dilemma on cash on hands and ever changing itineraries has worked and helped us experience the best that the destination can offer.


This year we plan to REALLY save up and find other means to fund the travel. We give special thanks to friends and relatives giving travel related gifts and sponsors and those who let us stay their homes for stay-cations plus, for Kaiye’s luck in winning prizes in raffles in blessing us with I do hope she nails something big this year (fingers crossed). They’ve help us in achieving our goals in travel.

Also this year we plan to go on solo trips. Of course, we will still travel as a pair but it would be great we learn explore alone. There are also plans to travel with other bloggers as well (Hello Kat, Natz and Chyng!) And to explore areas nearby to look for inspirations in writing (special thanks to James) And hopefully we get a chance to visit other country and to see the “untouristic” places in the Philippines!

We will explore not only the sand and the sun but, we plan to go up mountains and cross rivers. We want to make sure that in every step; we learn something from the destination. Aside from the usual what, where and when; we hope to write on a more personal level.


This is our entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for January 2013 with the theme
“New Beginnings” hosted by Roj Braga of The Adventures of AdventuRoj.
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11 thoughts on “Wherever The Wind Takes Us

  1. soloflightEd says:

    Really nice to write your goals in a planner or on a board. And then after the end of the year, you recall what you have accomplished if it coincided with your goals. May you have more travels this year gals! 🙂

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