How To Gain Weight in One Day: Binondo Food Trip

Aaaaaahhhh Binondo… When I hear your name the only thing that comes into my mind is FOOD! That hot and tasty siopao, that delicious dimsum, the just right authentic milk tea, the…. Okay aside from the food did you know that Binondo is the oldest China Town is world! (Beat that!) It’s established waaaaay back 1594! (Yeah, I’m good in history! Chos!)

Now what happens if a bunch of travelers decided to meet up one day to eat, share stories, then eat, eat, eat in this old town?! With only one plan (which is obviously to eat) finally, last January 13, the twitter convo became real!  Since the call time is 10:00 AM, we rushed to Carriendo station all the way from Bulacan, hoping that we would not be late! And luckily we bumped into Chyng on our there!

Once we got in our meeting place, Endette offered some cookies she baked the night before which made us calm and cool while waiting for the others! Around 11am finally we are complete and started the food trip! We decided to chip in Php 300 each to be the contribution for our budget for the whole day!


“So saan na tayo?”

Good thing the night before we listed down all the possible restaurants where we’ll eat lunch and never ending merienda! 😀

1. Shanghai Fried Siopao

Location: Ongpin St. Cor. Bahama St.

Price: Php 16/each

TTBG Tip: To jump off your food trip, I suggest to have this one first! Eat it while it’s hot! Sarap lang! :))


2. Sincerity Restaurant

Location: Yuchengco St. Left Turn from Ongpin St.


Php 300/plate of Whole Chopped Chicken

Php 260/plate Chopsuey

Php 70/bowl Garlic Rice

TTBG Tip: Perfect for big groups! Bit expensive but sulit! 


3. Chuan Kee / Cafe Mezzanine

Location: Ongpin St. Cor. Yunhengco St.

Price: Php 130/serving of Halo-halo

TTBG Tip: Been into a long walk around Binondo? Keep calm and eat halo-halo here!  Good for sharing! 🙂


4. Wai Ying Restaurant

Location: Along Benavidez St., right after you take a right turn in Salazar St.


Php 100/bowl Mami

Php 70/4pcs Hakaw

Php 65/4pcs Siomai

Php 60/2pcs Egg Tart

Php 70/4pcs Vegetable Siomai

TTBG Tip: Heavy merienda ba kamo but with a tight budget?! Then Wai Ying is the place for you! We only got Php 850 left in our money but it still manage to make our tummy happy! 



From left to right: Natz, Chyng, Kaiye, Kenneth, Endette, Jherson, Claire,Valerie and Kat

Expenses Breakdown:

Per Person Per Group
Food Php 300 Php 3,000
Fried Siopao 16.00 96.00
Sincerity Restaurant 140.00          1,400.00
Chuan Kee 65.00 650.00
Wai Ying 85.00 850.00
Total: 306.00 2,996.00

While eating we are telling stories or asking each and every one what are their travel plans for this year. We are both in awe that almost all of them have plans. We are just nodding our heads and smiling because that time we really have no idea where to go… Well maybe because we still have to make money first 😛

We are just glad that we learned a lot from our fellow travelers, from Chyng’s wise words and never ending advice to Jherson’s enthusiasm about blogging, to Natz and Kat’s positivity that someday we will have a chance to travel together, to Claire’s awesome knowledge to baybayin, to Val that someday she’ll blog too and to Kenneth to continue writing beautifully I hope his writing skills rub up on us. Though for some of us it’s our first time to see each other, we are happy that somehow we got along well.

To meet people that shares the same passion like us is a breath of fresh air!  Though we have different styles in traveling or blogging. It all boils down to one; we simply love to travel 🙂




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