Challenge Accepted: Byaheng Victory goes to Mt. Pinatubo

Since last year, Endette and I are really eyeing to trek Mt. Pinatubo. With a shame that it is only 2 hours away from Bulacan we never really had a chance to visit it! Maybe because we can’t find some friends to join or the rates are too high for only the two of us! (Or in my case, “I can’t trek cos you must have this or that!” #myexcuses :P) But thanks to Travel Factor a premier travel organizer and Victory Liner who will make this adventure possible!

Featuring “Byaheng Victory” a series of group tours initiated by Victory Liner, the country’s premier bus transportation company and in cooperation with Travel Factor, one of the biggest adventure tour organizers in the Philippines, it promotes a taste of adventure and extra ordinary  destinations reached by Victory Liner. Byaheng Victory will take you to some of the most beautiful trips in the Northern Luzon.


What I look forward to this trip;

(1) the ever extreme and bumpy 4 x 4 ride

(2) for the record this will be my FIRST ever trekking experience! (talking about stepping out to one’s comfort zone!)

(3)  (swim) dip my feet in the crater lake

(4) make new friends

(5) travel solo (Endette will be in Ilocos this time so it’s me who’s gonna represent our blog!)


Catch the full report of my adventure next week! 



BV2013 Logo (1)

This trip is sponsored by Byaheng Victory, a collaboration of Victory Liner, the Philippines’ premiere bus transportation company and Travel Factor, the leading adventure travel company in the Philippines.

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