The Clark Airport Lounge in Trinoma *UPDATED AS OF 03/21/17*

Here’s a good news to all people who’s living in the metro and always wanted to try to fly from Clark International Airport! Officially opened last January 15, 2013 say hello to the Clark Airport Lounge at Trinoma!


The TriNoma Clark Airport Lounge is located at the Ground Level between Mercury Drug and Medical City.

Open 24 hours daily, the TriNoma Clark Airport Lounge ensures travel comfort with fully furnished amenities including a spacious waiting area, a secured luggage counter, real-time flight status updates, plus regular and direct roundtrip bus services from TriNoma to Clark International Airport and back courtesy of  Genesis.

The lounge will cater to passengers of the following airlines flying in and out of DMIA: Qatar Airways, Cebu Pacific Air, TigerAir Phils., Air Asia, Asiana Airlines, Tiger Airways and JinAir. 

With the lounge also conveniently situated inside the mall, customers may opt to park or be dropped off at TriNoma, check in their luggage at the lounge, then shop, dine or catch a movie while waiting for the bus which will take them to Clark International Airport.

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Schedule from Trinoma to Clark International Airport

  • 6:15 AM (Qatar Airlines branded)
  • 6:30 AM (Genesis)
  • 7:30 AM (Genesis)
  • 3:00 PM (Philtranco)
  • 8:30 PM (Genesis)

Schedule from Clark International Airport to Trinoma

  • 10:30 AM 
  • 12:30 NN
  • 8:00 PM
  • 2:00 AM
    • All are Genesis buses

Fare is still Php 250 to and from Clark International Airport

Please call for reservation: 
Trinoma Lounge: 0936-950-0673 ; 0921-898-0584 ; 0932-562-5907
Clark Hotline: (044) 499-1464
Happy travels,

69 thoughts on “The Clark Airport Lounge in Trinoma *UPDATED AS OF 03/21/17*

  1. Turing Sarno says:

    2 bus company lang ba ang nag ooperate? Hindi na ba madadagdagan ang mga time ng departure ng bus from Trinoma? Salamat?

  2. Erika says:

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon this post! Thanks so much. Do you know how long the travelling time is? Got a flight booked for 7:20AM and wanted to get there at least 90 minutes before, so I’m wondering if the 3:30AM bus schedule will be alright for me. I was looking into commuting, but this will be sooo much more convenient, specially since I’m traveling alone. 😀

  3. Irene says:

    Hello, I and my sis have a flight to catch in Clark Airport at 6:00 am tom. Will taking the bus in Trinoma at 3:00 am be good or we take the last trip in Philtranco just for assurance and to give allowance for the unexpected.

  4. cecille says:

    do they cater only to traveling passengers only? how about to thoe who just want to pick up some friends at the airport ( arrival area ) and wants to go clark conveniently?

  5. Jeremy Andres says:


    Need pa ba magpa book for the bus from trinoma to DMIA?
    Unable to contact the number given above..

    Thank you..

  6. Ramil de Guzman says:

    The forgettable experience at the The Clark Airport Lounge in Trinoma..

    This happened just last night, August 19, 2013, in the middle of the Habagat calamity.

    My friends just got the worst experience of their lives using the services of this Lounge in Trinoma.

    To make a long story short…when they arrived from Thailand at DMIA at around 3.30pm, the scheduled shuttle was to pick them up at the airport (DMIA) at 5.30pm as schedule, but unfortunately, the bus left Clark around 7 pm, 1 and a half hours late, because, according to CALT, the shuttle still has to wait for the arrival of the other planes…then why the hell did they put in their schedule 5.30pm, that is just plain bullshit, why not just make another schedule around 7pm.

    Upon arrival at Metro Manila, my friends are confident, even I, that they will be brought to the CLAT as it is the logical destination and I was suppose to wait for them there, but alas, the bus unloaded them at the corner of west ave., and EDSA, in the middle of the night and strong rains, where a lot of hoodlums usually mingle during those hours and to make matters worse, my friends are females. According to the shuttle, they still have to go back to the airport to escort someone. I don’t know what this people are thinking, but for me, that is the most stupid, irresponsible, illogical reasoning I have ever seen. Luckily, nothing bad happened to my friends with their belongings.

    I wan’t to call the attention of who ever is in-charge of this Clark Airport Lounge in Trinoma, you need to fix your priorities…or you will face a more serious problem in the future with the way your establishment works.

    Disappointed Client

  7. Lea Galura says:

    Good day!

    Our flight to Kalibo from Clark is at 4:55 pm. Will the 12:30noon shuttle bus allow us to be at the Clark airport way ahead before the departure time? Hoping for your prompt response. Thank you.

  8. Tet says:

    akalain mo… sa dami ng post about Trinoma-Clark Lounge, sa yo pa yung napuntahan ko… hehehe.. Thanks for this post Kaiye! =) btw, me reservation ba sa bus? =))

  9. rbajr says:

    Does it only cater to the passengers of the enumerated airlines above? How about passengers of Emirates? Won’t they be admitted inside the lounge? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  10. Rica Selva-Neely says:

    Hi this is a very useful post. Actually my hubby and I were one happy customer. We were going to HK at 720am just this November. We got there at 230am, because they said you needed to login (just 30mins early from their scheduled buses), and the bus left at exactly 3am going to Clark. We got at DMIA at 415am (it was holiday — not sure if regular days ay normal 1.5hours ang travel period). We were too early that we waited in line because (im not sure) DMIA opens at 430am. Anyways just sharing my experience. 🙂 if there are questions regarding their services, you can always call the number listed above.

  11. ma emilia bureros says:

    hi there….
    we have a plante to catch by 7am to HK..
    yung 3am sked nyo makahabol b kami?
    kc costly kung mag hotel p kami s Angeles..
    thank u mom in advance..

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