Which Cruise is Right For You?

As cruise regulars know, no two cruise holidays are ever the same. For starters you’ve got a mesmerising range of different itineraries to choose from, each with their own list of stunning destinations to visit and choice of excursions to enjoy. But locations aside, there are also a number of different types of cruise holidays available – meaning there’s always a new and exciting opportunity to keep your cruise holidays just as fresh and novel as the very first time you stepped onboard.

Fly-Cruise holidays

When you’re considering a cruise you’ll probably find cruise holidays that combine a flight, which takes you to the departure destination from which you’ll board your cruise. Most cruise holidays are one or two weeks long, usually with all inclusive dining, entertainment, hotel-style facilities and a range of different tours and excursions on offer. The format has developed significantly over the years, and you can now find not just fly-cruise holidays but also UK departures too – perfect for those who don’t like flying.


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Cruise and Stay holidays

This is a popular format that allows visitors to enjoy a two-in-one style of holiday. First enjoy a cruise, taking in a number of different destinations on the itinerary of your choice, before spending a few days, a week or more on land, staying in a hotel. With cruise and stay experiences, holidaymakers can mix up their itinerary – perhaps combining a UK departure with a return flight. For instance, you could take a UK cruise departing from Southampton and enjoy a week cruising around the Mediterranean, before alighting for the last time in the Balearic Islands and spending a further week onshore in Majorca. It’s a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Mini Cruises

Mini cruises are typically one or two nights long, often taking in the sights and sounds of a European city such as Bruges or Amsterdam. Visitors get a full day in the city and spend the outward and return journey onboard, enjoying the evening entertainment, before waking up to their destination early the next morning.

So, with so much choice on the table, which cruise holiday is right for you?

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2 thoughts on “Which Cruise is Right For You?

  1. penpenpenpen says:

    I have wanted so much to join a cruise ever since. Can you suggest any asian cruise? Thank you in advance! 😄

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