Confessions Of A First Time Trekker

2 days before this day trip, I was slight panicking because 1. I have no trekking sandals whatsoever and 2. This is going to be my first time to trek! …What if I fall? What if I slip? What if, yada yada yada…. Yep, that’s me every time I’m going to do something for the first time, but I tell you I always wear this poker face that I can actually do it but deep inside I’m shaking. Talking about mind over matter! 😉

Friday, 9:00 pm and I’m late. Kat and I decided to sleep at Grand Prix Hotel, right at the Victory Liner Terminal in Cubao. We’re both from the province so it’s the right decision (or not) to spend 5 hours there.

At 1:00 am we woke up like a zombie, immediately fixed ourselves and got down to find our group. Thank heavens for the bright hot pink ID laces provided by Travel Factor we approached them and meet the facilitatorsy, Ayla and Eira. We also have an impromptu meet-up with two other PTB members, Rj and Marj. We left the terminal promptly at 3:00 am and everyone in the bus we’re sleeping and saving their energy for the day ahead.


I opened my eyes, seeing trees and some light post. I bet we’re here. I slept for 2 hours I assume. Well, at least that’s enough for some hours. It was 5:30 am then, and we’re 30 minutes ahead of schedule! Eira announced that there will be groupings for the 4×4 ride and I was hoping that the PTB members would be all together. Unfortunately, me and  Kat we’re separated from Rj and Marj and met new friends, Mia and Chee.

6:00 am, we then head off to the drop off point. Good thing I brought my headware and Kat thought me how to wear it, Balaclava style.

Let’s get it on! I told myself. 

Now this is exciting. A full on 4×4 ride! And I never imagined that it would be that bumpy! As in bumpy all the way, up, down, to rivers, up again, rocks not just rocks but big rocks! Huh! Cool! 😀


While we are cruisin’ our way to the lahar, we saw our fellow Aetas living their everyday life.


I’ve lost track of time! I didn’t even bother to check my watch, well maybe because I’m enjoying the view!


When we saw a sign saying it’s only 7 kms away! While some of the group mates we’re saying that we’re near I have no idea how near 7 kms is! Haha I was thinking that time is: I’m gonna go this! I won’t slip a rock! Push! Push! Push!


When our driver says it’s about to go down, my heart skip a beat! Okay, Kaiye relax, madali lang oh, bato-bato lang naman! Self-motivation ang peg talaga! Haha

Note to everyone: Please please please, when trekking Mt. Pinatubo just pack light. As in light! Kung pwede wala na kayong dalin aside from your water and food yun nalang e! Hehe

Well, take it from me. Good thing we have a very very kind and helpful guide Kuya Mario, he carried my 2L of water all the way up!

You see, the first 1/8 of the trek, I was always the last in line haha! It’s what I called I’m-just-taking-everything-in-moment! But in reality I’m tired not dead tired just maarte tired! 😛 but seriously, I am really enjoying the trek! Just the landscape of the place is relaxing. Plus the cold water in the stream just to wake you up once in a while.


One of my happy pill and wants me to get going is every time I see Aeta kids smiling and waving… They’re just soooo adorable!

5By reaching the 1km mark from the crater. We stop for break to use the cr, eat or drink. I planned then that I’ll be eating while going up! Haha of course I can’t cause this time it’s going to be much harder. This time I’m 2nd in line, just next to our guide. He keeps helping me through the rocks!

7Going up, going up, and up… It’s seriously tiring! But as Kuya Mario says, when you reach the top it’s going to be rewarding!



And yes he is right! It was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! You’ll never think what this volcano did way back! It feels like you’re not in the Philippines, lakas maka Europe country talaga ang peg! And while I was still at awe at the view. I thought of something is missing… The wind is blowing in my face, a cold it is. Where the heck is the sun?! After a few attempts of doing the sun dance, it still didn’t show up!

8We learned from our guide that swimming is now not allowed at the crater lake, cos of an incident happened. We only spent like 30 minutes at the side. It was so cold!



“Kaya kong umakyat, pero di ko kayang bumaba”

Yep that’s true. I always find it harder that way. Maybe because when going down it’s more prone to accidents? Haha

And what’s a better way to add difficulty? It starts to drizzle. Rocks are now more slippery. In my mind I was ready to fall. But guess what! I survived not getting a bruise and we got down to the 1 km mark just for 20 minutes! And it started to rain, good thing I bought my umbrella!



On our way back to the town, I was checking my body for any bruises and I smiled when I didn’t found anything and I said to myself  that I finally made it. I conquered something that I’ve been wanting to accomplish so long! Now I became braver in doing something I really like! And not even girl issues… Biological girl issues can stop me! 😉


We deserve this jump shot for conquering Mt. Pinatubo!



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This trip was made possible by Byaheng Victory , a collaboration of Victory Liner, the Philippines’ premiere bus transportation company and Travel Factor, the leading adventure travel company in the Philippines.

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