Of Fashion Show and Temple Runs

Aside from Derek Ramsey who really caught my attention once I entered our room, a piece of paper made my eyes looked big and round. And it says… Awarding. Awarding for what? Why? If it is for the Early Bird Award for sure Kat and I would have it HAHA but huh? I was clueless! We are clueless…

Come 7:00 PM and finally we are all complete. Jhaycee Olaira, Marketing Officer of  Tutuban Properties gathered us to for dinner. He escorted us at the Food Street a few walks away from the hotel which located at the back of the Tutuban Mall. It was all a surprise for us that there is something like this in Tutuban! And the food? It was seriously delicious, from Pinoy favorites like Inihaw na Liempo, Tilapia, Chicken Inasal, Ensaladang Talong to comfort food like Sinigang na Hipon it will surely make your tummy happy!


After eating and we are still chit chatting, Jhaycee made an announcement that made us stare at him. He’s giving us a challenge! A challenge that is not new in Tutuban that celebrities (nuks! Leveling!) already experienced! Drum roll please…. the Tutuban Night Market Shopping Challenge! Interesting. Travel bloggers crosses over to be a Fashion blogger for a night! Cute! After Jhaycee handed out 1,000 pesos for each of us.  He first showed us the vicinity where we can only buy our clothes. After that he gave us a time limit of an hour then we immediately shoosh our way to the night market.


Me, Endette and Kat decided to stick together during our shopping. If I’m not mistaken we made 5 rounds to the night market just to find the “right outfit”. The night market offers a wide array of stuff, from fashionable men’s and women’s clothes to shoes, accessories you name it they have it for a cheaper price compared to the malls. After an hour of walking, we made it to the call time, went back to the hotel to changed to the clothes we bought and made a slight humiliating fashion walk!

PicMonkey Collage4

Who’s who?


On Kaiye (left): Top Php 250.00 / Pants Php 250.00 / Shoes Php 230.00
Total: Php 730.00 , Change: Php 270.00
On Endette (right):Dress Php 250 / Sandals Php 80.00 (not in picture) / Necklace Php 70.00
Total: Php 400.00 , Change: Php 600.00

It was really nice for Orion Hotel that they let us experience the night market with a twist! It was fun to shop (to test our haggling skills) and feel safe at the time!

The next morning, our group decided to go to Seng Guan Temple the biggest Buddhist Temple in our country. Led by Dong Ho, we are all at awe to know that we actually have this kind of temple in Manila!


After our mini temple run, Jhaycee showed us one of the newest attractions of Tutuban Mall, the Vitrual Zoo! Made by the talented students of PUP Guhit Visual Arts Group, these 3D-Like murals will surely feel like a kid again while posing with the different animals! Hehe


I miss these people!
Boys (left to right): Kenneth of http://mrbratpacker.wordpress.com , Jherson of http://lonelytravelogue.com , Rem of http://pathfinderscommune.com, Dong Ho of http://escapeislands.com
Girls (left to right): Natz of http://littlegirlgoesplaces.com , Kat of http://excursionista.net , Gelai of http://gelaikuting.com , us and Claire of http://iamtravelinglight.com


Ms. Anna Ting
Hotel Sales and Marketing Manager

Mr. Jhaycee Ron Olaira
Marketing Officer-Tutuban Properties, Inc.

Ms. Rica Claveria
Hotel Operations Manager

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