Your 2013 Holiday: Which Board Type is Best?

If you’ve not yet booked your summer 2013 stint in the sun, then chances are that you’ll be thinking about getting it sorted very soon. Once you’ve managed to whittle down your choice of destination and resort you still have decisions to make – which board type to choose, for starters.

Whether you’re keen to find cheap holidays to Rhodes, or fancy the Spanish Costas, the Canaries or even Mexico this year, the choices when it comes to hotel board basis are usually the same, including:

Room Only

Ideal for those whose idea of a great holiday is discovering the best local places to eat and drink, room only board means exactly that – just your room, with no meals or cooking facilities provided. You’d be wise to do some research before your trip so that you have a list of potential good places to eat before you jet off. The last thing you want to do is waste money on disappointing meals out.


This is a good option for those who want to keep costs low by cooking in their apartment. Families with young children may find this to be a practical choice, as you’ll have a fridge (to store milk, cold drinks, snacks etc) and the facilities to cook the foods that you know your kids will eat, as and when they are hungry.

The downside to going self-catering is that it often doesn’t feel like that much of a holiday to the person doing the cooking and washing up.

All Inclusive

All inclusive family holidays have risen in popularity in recent years, perhaps because holidaymakers on a budget prefer the peace of mind of having all food, drinks and snacks included in the up front price.

Take some time to consider which board time is right for you before you book, to guarantee a stress-free stint in the sunshine!

Editor’s Note: Guest Post 


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