Where to Stay in Kuala Lumpur: Step Inn Guesthouse

3 cities. 2 countries. 6 days. And this hostel became our first home away from home. Finding a decent place to stay abroad is a bit tricky. With all the mixed reviews, you already don’t know what to believe and might as well not to expect at all. We ended up staying in Step Inn Guesthouse, and this one’s the cheapest! We each only pay RM46 or P643 for 2 nights. It was not bad at all!



The hostel is located in the heart of the city. A few walks away from China Town (Jalan Petaling), just a block going to the mono rail and light rail transit (Plaza Rakyat Station) and a stretch going to Jalan Alor (food street). I just don’t know what happened to us the night we arrive to Kuala Lumpur, because we really had a hard time finding this hostel. Maybe it’s the effect of the people we boarded the plane with or maybe we’re just cranky, hungry and tired.

Real Time Tip: If you’re coming from LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) you need to ride the yellow Star Shuttle bus. Once you get off that bus from Kota Raya, look up if you see the May Bank, then you’re in the right track. Then you can follow the instructions from your printed email.


You need to keep an eye on these landmarks.

Upon arriving we’re greeted by the owner, who is kind and accommodating and he already knew that we had a hard time finding his place. In our surprise, there were a lot of guests. Just staying in the lounge watching TV, drinking beers etc. expats maybe hehe


For our first night, we stayed in a Family Room good for 5 people. It has an AC, fan, decent bed and pillows. No frills. Also the bathroom is (in Ate Ausie’s words) liveable. It’s clean and well maintained. Not bad.



Photo Credit to Step-Inn Guesthouse

And for our second night, we stayed in a Dormitory Fan Room. Same effect from the family room minus the AC, but this time we had mirror and drawer.



Step Inn Guesthouse offers free continental breakfast which we get to abuse somehow cos we love breakfast. They also have Wifi in the reception area, that sometimes you can connect even when you’re in the room. The staff is accommodating, trustworthy and helpful. And in all honesty, during our whole stay I felt safe in their area even if we go back in the hostel around 12 midnight.



Step-Inn Guesthouse
No. 36 & 37 Jalan Pudu Lama
Off Jalan Pudu
Kuala Lumpur
Telephone No.: +603-20707770

For rates and booking you can visit their website:


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