Terminal Bersepadu Selatan: KL’s Gateway to the South

Rushing from one train station to another. The moment we saw the building we first thought that it was a mall. It was that huge we have no idea where the bus terminal is located. We didn’t know that building itself is ze terminal! 


Opened last 2011, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan or popularly known as TBS was a modern day, airport like bus terminal. Using state of the art technology, TBS promises travelers for a comfortable and convenient land travel in Malaysia.


TBS caters to people going South of Kuala Lumpur like Melaka, Mersing, Johor Bahru and Singapore. (For people heading North, opt to Pudu Sentral)

With over 10 bus companies to choose from, one can either book online or buy your tickets over the counter. But if you already have your ticket, I suggest that you should be in the terminal 45 minutes before your departure. The bus leaves on time.

The terminal also offers a wide-range of facilities from a simple ATM, parking, food court to baby care room, luggage counters and Rest&Go! And other services like information, taxi ticket counter and yes, *drum roll please* free Wifi!


To enjoy and have time to check the terminal’s facilities, I personally give you 5 Simple Steps for a Hassle-Free Boarding:

1. Arrive at the terminal at least 45 minutes before your scheduled departure.

2. Prepare your printed tickets, receipt and passport before going to the ticket counter.

3. Immediately find your bus ticket counter and present your documents.

4. Patiently wait for your boarding pass.

5. Proceed to your boarding gate, do the happy dance and chill while waiting for your bus.


You can reach TBS from KLIA Transit just get off Bandar Tasik Selation. From there, cross the bridge that directly connects to the bus terminal.

For more information about Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, visit their website: http://www.tbsbts.com.my/

And now we’re off to Melaka!

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