Microtel Mall of Asia Review

What to do and Where to go?  That was the simple question Kaiye asked me when we were talking about how to spend our travel fund we saved.  We wanted to go someplace that is not too expensive which is the typical characteristic of our vacation and somewhere that is not too far because we do not want to travel that far (blame the summer sky) . Our problem was finally settled when we saw deal on the internet at a reasonable rate for most hotels in the area but for budget travelers this stay is a splurge.

Microtel Mall of Asia it is.



The location of this hotel is very convenient for the reason that  is a few minutes away from the NAIA if the traffic is light. The Mall of Asia and the SMX is also a big factor in the hotel’s prime location.  The best thing about the Mall of Asia complex is that they have bus and jeepney terminals that can take you to the north and south of Manila. It is also a spot where you can catch a free ride to hotels like Solaire and Resort’s World.



The room that we stayed in was a double room that has a city view; our window was facing the facade of the Solaire which is really beautiful at night. The room is spacious and has the basics of a comfortable mattress, cable television and a full bath with hot and cold shower. I particularly love that the air conditioning unit is at a maximum.  Unfortunately, I expected that the rooms have carpeted floors compared to the other economy hotels  we have visited.



The joy of staying a hotel is the breakfast buffet. The buffet choices at the Mictrotel are a balance of various favorites. Kaiye particularly adored their choices of jams and bread, while I indulged in the salad greens with lots of cheese. Other breakfast options included muffins and cookies; complimented with brewed coffee or orange juice. We also loved their selection of fruits and the hospitality of their restaurant staff.



Their wifi was very useful reliable during our time of need; when we were ordering online for our lunch. The connection is in the lobby and in the rooftop deck.  We also enjoyed their roof deck pool that is not that deep. It is the prefect spot to get a 360 view of the surroundings.


The staff of the hotel are friendly and hospitable. The front desk staff accommodated us even though it is a bit early to check in. Housekeepers and the restaurant staff were very prompt on our simple requests such as extra utensils.

There were hits and misses on the our stay; but overall it is a was a fun stay-cation.




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