Weekend Bliss in The Circle Hostel La Union

A week before this trip, I ditched my friends of not coming with them in Calaguas (SORRY NAMAN NA!!! T_T) And because of that I thought my summer would be lifeless. Luckily, I found myself in the surfing capital of the North, Urbiztondo Beach in San Juan, La Union to swim, eat and to just bum around.

Together with other travel bloggers (whom I only met for the first time!) we had a well-spent weekend in The Circle Hostel. Considered as one of the surfer’s hub in LU, The Circle Hostel stands out not just because it offers affordable accommodation. But also the experience of making friends during your stay! (Now that’s perfect for me! Hehe)


Although the hostel is 200 meters away from the beach and for the first time I didn’t bother. Yes I love the ocean breeze but it was refreshing to hear rustling sound of trees.


The artwork in the hostel is really eye-catching. It can be from a broken-hearted to a person who wants to inspire others!


We might have not be lucky to have a good surfing waves but there’s always an option to snorkel, socialize, do yoga, play random games at night or do stargazing while laying down on the beach sand.


Spending a night here is hassle free. With 45 bunk beds and 35 spaces for hammocks and not to mention a spacious common area. It will be your call where do you want to sleep. (In my case, I slept in the common area and no I’m not drunk or whatever 😛 )


This is my 5th time to actually stay in a hostel and  for me, The Circle Hostel gave me a different experience. You see, I joined this trip alone. I know the other travel bloggers because I read their blogs but never met them in person until this trip. I was so nervous to the bones when I was on my way to the meeting place then I saw some familiar faces, says hi and I was relieved that all of them we’re friendly. All through out the stay I felt we’ve known each other so long and we all click right away! (Even with the other guests) Whew! Not that’s a first time! Hehe

So the next time you go to La Union, whether it’s your first solo travel or with your friends. If you want a different twist for your stay, choose The Circle Hostel! Definitely there are no strangers here! And they mean it!



Sole Sister Lois Yasay and Raf Dioniso!

PicMonkey Collage

For reservations and more information:


+639178326253 (La Union)

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Bliss in The Circle Hostel La Union

  1. Kulasa says:

    hi there! …I am from La Union and gee now I feel so bad about not exploring the surfing area that much! thanks for taking me there virtually for now…I will find time to roam around the province soon! :)happy Monday! and yes I am enjoying browsing your site! 🙂

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