How To Gain Weight in Two Days: La Union Edition

When in La Union, aside from surfing non-stop you can also (in our case) eat non-stop! Nomnomnom! ♥ Since I already gave you an idea where to stay (Hello~! The Circle Hostel!!!!), now I’ll give you 3 places where you can eat great food plus good value for your money!

Located along the National Highway, our first stop is Urbiztondo Grill HouseOffering home cooked meals, the grill house served us their best sellers like grilled pusit (P240), chicken cordon bleu (P150), kare-kare (P240), sinigang (P190), pinakbet (P85) and for dessert, buko salad. I personally loved their kare-kare, which is really flavourful.

Opened since 1995, the owners where originally from Cebu and moved all the way up north to La Union. So you will notice some Visayan – Ilocano fusion on how they cook some of their food.



Urbiztondo Grill House, along National Highway

For reservations you may call them at:

242-2579 /242-2580  / 0905-6038023

To end our first day, the group decided to have dinner to the only 5-Star Hotel in North Luzon, Santorrini inspired, Poro Point Thunderbird Resorts. They offer a buffet with a wide array of choices. From pasta to Japanese food (for me, it’s always a plus point for a buffet with newly-cooked tempura! Yuuum!) and cakes, mochi, brownies and fruits for dessert!


Thunderbird Resorts La Union, Poro Point Freeport Zone, San Fernando City, La Union

For reservations and to learn more about some of their buffet promos, you can call:

(072) 888-7777

For our second and last day in La Union, Raf and Lois took us to Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa, to have our brunch. Now who would not want to eat overlooking the beach of San Juan?! Their in-house restaurant served us a grilled seafood platter (which is also their speciality), kinilaw and binagoongan.



Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa, National Highway, Brgy Urbiztondo, San Juan La Union

For reservations and more information:

Tel. No.: (072) 607-1040

Like them on Facebook

Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa

Till the next foodtrip!



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