Melaka: My 24 hour Love Affair

My travel buddies were hesitant to visit this town, until I found a cheap hostel (Php 250/night) and they agreed~! Haha! Melaka served as our “stop over”  before going to Singapore. The architecture of the town is from the obvious Portuguese, Dutch and British inspiration. Though we failed to explore some of the museum the town has to offer (I really wanted to see Baba & Nyonya Museum 😦 ) we somehow saw Melaka in a different way. We felt how accommodating and pleasing the locals were. So here’s what happened in our 24 hours or less adventure in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5:00 PM – Touchdown Melaka Sentral! And we thought we’re in the wrong bus stop because I keep insisting that our stop should be in front of Red Square hehe (facepalm) thus we rode another bus going to the town proper.

5:45 PM – Ola from the famous Red Square in Melaka! And here is a snippet from our travel video! It was still drizzling and there are a lot of people (tourists)!


7:00 PM – We got lost (again) finding our hostel, instead we fed our eyes in Jonker Street.


(c) MC Matic

7:30 PM – Dinner! As always I insisted that we try their Famous Chicken Rice Ball, but we end up eating in the wrong restaurant haha

DSC_0019 (2)

(c) MC Matic

8:00 PM – Food tripping and window shopping in Jonker Street and walk-a-thon in Jalan Tukang Emas Street. The rice balls? It’s only the appetizer. Our goal is atleast eat all the street foods in Jonker Street! Haha which we accomplished somehow.



9:45 PM – Melaka River Cruise. The cruise I felt that I only wasted my RM 15! Haha wish I just used the money to buy more pasalubong 😛


(c) MC Matic

12:00 MN – Went back in our hostel and called it a night.

Day 2

In our itinerary, we’re supposed to rent a bike to do our last minute sight-seeing. But alas! We woke up around 8:00am, became lazy then just decided to have a  brunch instead 😛 Since we didn’t know where to eat, we walk and saw a sign that says “cheap breakfast” and you know what happens next! :3

09:00 AM – Breakfast in Number 41 Guesthouse and Bistro. A local guesthouse owned by a Chinese guy married to a Filipina! He is a happy person and kept cursing in Tagalog! Now that’s something new to hear when you’re in Melaka. He also enlightened us on how locals easily identified our race. We were so perplexed that we started examining our physical features and even our mannerisms.


10:00 AM – Killing time, photowalk and selfies.

DSC_0193 (2)

(c) MC Matic




(c) MC Matic

10:30 AM – Check out in our hostel and asking directions on how we’ll go back to Melaka Sentral.


11:00 AM – Walked pass the river until we met a local who is kind enough to show us the bus stop going to Sentral.


(c) MC Matic

12:30 PM – After killing ourselves under the heat of the sun, we finally made it and now we’re SG bound! Woot~! Woot!

Thank you Melaka! I still love you and I wish to visit you again soon! ^_^

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9 thoughts on “Melaka: My 24 hour Love Affair

  1. unoemilio says:

    Heya! I was just wondering how you were able to add the “Related posts” portion? Did it involve a horrid plugin?

    Thanks! Interesting entries and travels, btw!

  2. Mariane [TheChroniclesofMariane] says:

    Hello! Chanced upon your blog and saktong we just posted about the same place.
    Chaka ba yung cruise? Pero still 15 RM lang pala not bad. What we did nung friend ko tumambay lang kami sa area kasi wala na kaming pera nung gabi, nakaupo lang kami looking at the river. haha pero maganda pa rin yung views mapaumaga/gabi. Sarap magfood trip dito no?! hayyy

    In case you’re also interested, sharing my post on Melaka, hihi 🙂

    • The Two Broke Girls says:

      Hi Mariane~! Well for me, medyo boring yung boat cruise or dail pagod lang ako nun kaya di ko na na-appreciate hehe

      I super agree sa foodtrip! Mas nabusog pa kami sa street food kesa sa mismong dinner 😛

      Cheers to more travels!

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