Loreland Farm Resort

Brainchild of an entrepreneur couple, Loreland Farm Resort started as a simple family getaway that now becomes “the place to be” in Antipolo City. Only an hour away from Metro Manila, this 8 hectare land resort offers 9 swimming pools, 40 room accommodations and cottages to choose from, an in-house restaurant, function/banquet halls and a spa. Definitely a resort ideal for business or leisure for friends and family!

In our case, instead of just sitting in front the TV and munching chips while screaming our lungs out in some random horror movies, we ended up having a relaxing and a bit spoiled weekend in the newest attraction in Loreland Resort, Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa.


Upon our arrival to the resort, we were greeted by the staff and showed us the room for the night. We are all assigned in a Standard Triple Room located in the 2nd floor of the Admin Office Building. The room is simple, but it had all the amenities we need. Room rates can be found here.



After settling in and having a bit time to rest. We went down to meet our host Loreland’s Project Manager, Mr. Ramon Marinas. He then brought us to the only in-house restaurant in the resort, Verde.


The owners got the inspiration of the name because the resort is surrounded by countless trees like Mangga, Kasoy, Santol and even the Tipolo Tree in which the town got their name. They also get to use some of it’s crop to incorporate with the dishes they served. And for our merienda that afternoon, we had Antipolo’s famous suman and with, of course kasoy!


To burn the calories we had, Ramon decided to take us a tour around the resort. Seven pools from different location are available to the public while the other 2 are for those who availed their spa services. Loreland Farm Resort is not just about the swimming pools but also they have a chapel, Station of the Cross, Camptipolo Adventure Land and yes, they do have a zip line.

Check out the types of cottages here.


Phase 3




Phase 1

After the resort tour, next is Luljietta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa.

Please do take note that this part of the resort is open for guests who only availed their spa services.


Guests can enjoy a variety of spa services from their signature massage (Thai, Swedish and Reflex), foot spa, Dr. Fish spa to manicure and pedicure. They can also avail the use of the jacuzzi and hydro pool.


It was around 7:00pm when we finished our tour. Our very hume-healthy living dinner was served in the Hanging Gardens Restaurant. The place is perfect for any family / friends get together. The fact that this part is situated in a cliff, you won’t really matter because of the great view and ambiance.



Hot soup, Vegetable salad with vinaigrette sauce and Tuna pesto

It is actually a first for me to eat something this healthy in one seating! Haha and I would say it is not that bad after all! Ramon also shared that they have plans to go organic for health conscious guests. While having dinner, we talked and laughed about random stories of ourselves.

PicMonkey Collage

We’re about to finish to eat and the thought of watching horror movies got in our heads again when a sweet treat surprise us… And no it is not that we can use the huge TV in the Zen Lounge but… *drum roll* ….a body massage! *happy dance* Hehe


Since the group got divided into two, the first batch (which includes us) were lead into a kubo/tree house inspired massage rooms with four massage beds and a shower. Another plus is the magical over-looking view of the lights in Rizal and Makati skyline.

Our highly trained therapists made sure that all of body tension were gone and we all slept like a baby that night. Good job mga ate! (apir)


Day 2 won’t get any better when we knew that the agenda for the whole morning is swimming plus a bit of pampering. After a hearty breakfast of Beef Tapa and Fried Bangus in Verde Restuarante, we changed our clothes and headed straight to the Buddha Lounge.


What I love about Luljetta’s different lounges is the detailed designs of each room. Like the fine woodcraft made in the province of Benguet and Palawan and table covers from Mindanao. Now that’s one way to promote the remarkmable craftsmanship of Pinoys!


We took a dip into the infinity pool and I must say the view is one of a kind. If other resorts offers you an ocean view, Luljetta’s will give you a backdrop of mountains, Laguna de Bay, Rizal town and polluted Manila.

We also played a few games before we were offered a foot spa service.


We were about to leave when we found out that they still prepared lunch to us! A good ol’ Kare-kare, seafood platter and sinigang!

collageWe may not achieved our plan to scare each other that weekend however we really had a great time! Thanks to the awesome hospitality of Ramon and the resort’s staff.

So next time you want to escape from the busy life in the Metro, drive up to Antipolo and pamper yourself here in Loreland Farm Resort! (Oh, I forgot to mention that Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa has this rainy season promo til September 29!!! Check out the link down below to learn more!)




For reservations and more information:



Address: Sitio Loreland, Barangay San Roque, Antipolo City
Telephone Nos.: 696-0101 to 03
Mobile Nos.: 0917-8352000 / 0908-8734220 / 0932-8857351
Fax No.: 696-0106
Email add: inquiry@loreland.com.ph





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