El Nido Quickie

(c) Abee Facebook Account

I just had to come back. I love El Nido! Months after I’ve been there last year, I’m dreaming of living in Palawan. The simple, no-fuss everyday living. I even applied for a job in one of the private hotel resort just to proved my determination to actually live there.

And last June, Tiger Air had a seat sale to Puerto Princesa. I immediately forced 3 of my friends to book seats and got slots in September. Come the day of our flight, only me and Abee was sitting alongside each other in the most gruesome flight of our life.
This is also the first time I’m not going to fly with Air Asia and in DMIA so everything feels new to me. But aside from the not so good experience aircraft wise, our flight has the most beautiful scenery I’ve experience in the short time I’ve been flying.
When we eventually got in the airport safe and sound and hooray that I can eventually use my Sun Cellular phone! Since my contact in El Nido already arranged our transportation going there. It was less hassle for us (or not!) we met the driver of the van around 12:30pm and yes we’re starving. Again, when going to El Nido expect European blood all over the place. We’re supposed to arrive in El Nido at 5:00pm but because of some guests na nag feeling walang kasamang ibang tao sa van. We arrived in the town around 7:30pm. Without saying goodbye to the others (insert; anti-social) we rode a tricyle going to our inn.
It’s my second time to stay at Tay Miloy’s Inn so it feels like arriving home. Especially the owner, Kuya Rodrigo treated us like family. Once we’re settled, I showed Abee around the town and find somewhere to eat. We end up in Og’s Resto Bar, a beachfront restaurant where we saw some our European van mates.
After two hours, we left and decided to take a rest because of the activity we’re going to face the next morning. But sadly that night it rained so we ended up sleeping worried. I mean, you cannot fully appreciate El Nido when the sun is not showing.

We woke up around 7:00am and was still drizzling and gloomy. We got out to find a perfect place to have a hearty breakfast in La Chupetta and didn’t fail us. I don’t know if we’re only hungry but they served the best breakfast! We both ordered a Continental breakfast and hotcakes! Yep, hindi kami gutom hehe after eating we walked around town and stopped by the church to pray for our safety and the sun.

Aside from the European invasion in El Nido, let us not forget our fellow Asian, of course, they’re here!Koreans! Last year, almost all of our boat mates were European, 1 Korean and 5 Pinoy (including us and the 3 boatman). But this time, I was so happy to have fellow Pinoy tourist onboard! And ang ume-F4 35 – 40s Korean boys.

(c) Abee Facebook Account

As usual because I was the tour guide of Abee. I get to decide which tour to avail. And for no fail first timer, Tour A (Small and Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island and 7 Commandos Island) is highly recommended.

(c) Abee Facebook Account

There is nothing new in the attractions except for 7 Commandos Island. It has now bared wires and an SMDC plaque stating that they own the place. It was a bit sad for me because I was just there last year, freely enjoying the island with picnic tables and everything but because some people/company ready bought it. I’ll be not surprised if next year it will be a private resort.

One thing I enjoyed in this tour is the people we met in the tour, Alex and Mark. They’re so nice we even exchanged Facebook / IG usernames to stay connected.
(c) Abee’s Instagram Account

The moment we hop off the boat, we said goodbyes to our new friends and rushed to the inn to get ready to our 6:00pm van to PP.

And to tell you honestly, although may doble takot factor kasi gabi yung byahe. I liked it compared to the afternoon trip. You get to sleep at konti yung kwentuhan ng mga tao.

We arrived 12:30md in Go Hotel PP, an hour earlier than I expected. Kudos to the people of Go Hotel for being accommodating even on that time of the night. I like sleeping in the beds of this hotel. It’s so comfy. But I have to say their wifi sucks. I still have to go outside of our room, sit on the floor just to have a good connection. (Don’t worry I already wrote this in their feedback form so I guess next time I went there they’ll improve it)

This 2 day trip to El Nido is seriously wearing out but I think I genuinely relished it because of the new experience. From our rush hour MRT trip going to Taft, overpriced taxi rate to the airport to riding a new aircraft to meeting new friends and traveling with a childhood friend. It was priceless.
How To Get There:
From Puerto Princesa – El Nido you can ride either a bus or van. Though that time I didn’t see any Roro bus, I don’t know why. But for van you can ride the Eulen Joy Express. Schedules and rates can be seen on their website.
Where To Stay: 

Tay Miloy’s Inn! For only P300 fan room per night good for two it’s really sulit! But for others, there are a lot of beachfront resorts, depending on your budget and what you prefer.

While in Puerto Princesa, I would recommend Go Hotel, beside the Robinson mall. Free breakfast and free airport transfer. (I’ll probably do a review for this)

Where To Eat:
Og’s Resto Bar for dinner, they have a set meal worth P 185 including drinks. For breakfast, I highly recommend La Chupetta along M. Quezon St. They’re open around 7am and try their Continental set breakfast and pancakes to satisfy your early morning sweet craving. Yum~!
What To Do:
Well aside from island tour hopping. If you’re physically fit you could try climbing Mt. Taraw. And if climbing not your thing, you could rent a tricycle or motorbike then drive all the way to Ille Cave which happens to be one of the most significant archeological site in the country.

Tour Operator:
Since Kuya Rodrigo also arranged our tours. I think he’s with Servant Tours. I’ve tried this tour operator twice and so far I have no bad experience with them. From the captain to the lifeguards they’re nice and accommodating.
I guess the next time I’ll be in Palawan, it will be for work. Chos! Haha

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