My 2013 Christmas Wish List

Hello to the 10 people who read my humble blog! 😛 How are you? Sorry for being in hiatus for the past 2 months, I’ve been busy and uhm lazy to get all my shznit done! But since it’s 6 days to go before Christmas, I decided to embrace my 5 year old self by writing here my Christmas wish list! ☺

1. Go Pro HD Hero 3

Don’t underestimate the size of this camcorder! One can actually record their most embarrassing to magical moment with this! It’s every traveler’s dream to own one! Well, including me… Especially, I’m getting into surfing these days, perfect for that stoked moments!

2. Trekking Shoes

Aside from the fact I’m not really into mountains. One of the hindrance for me is actually not having the proper pair of shoes! The horror! So maybe when the time comes that I own one, I might  be interested to climb mountains hee :3

3. Backpack Trolley

My Nike hot pink bag pack is giving up on me. ‘Nuff said.

4. Surf Board

Okay, I just tried surfing twice and now I’m so addicted to the sport. Though I still don’t know to catch the good waves but still at least when I get to own one, that’s minus 250 or 300 pesos every Baler trip haha!

5. Round trip plane ticket

Domestic or International (choosy pa ba ko?!) would you believe that this early, I’m already thinking where I will celebrate my birthday next year? So a plane ticket with a December 2014 expiration is good to me 😉

Crossing fingers that Santa Claus will get to read this,
Kaiye ☺


So there, that’s my top 5 Christmas wish list! How about you what’s on your list? Share it with me and write it in the comment box down below!

Happy Holidays!


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