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The Matter of Travel Funds

One of the things people usually consider when planning a trip is travel funds. That is why many people try to look for the cheapest route possible or the cheapest accommodations. All around, travel blogs and travellers themselves share about their escapades which were accomplished on a shoestring budget. There are lists of how to do it and where to find the best options. It’s a treasure hunt.

And yes, no doubt it can get quite exciting. In fact, it can be considered an adventure on its own, a challenge to get by having to tighten your belt and touchdown at your hometown in one piece. There’s the rush and sweat of computing and re- computing where the money went all of a sudden. But in the end, there’s the satisfaction that you made it. And you can taste victory.

Cost- Cutting

Couchsurfing, discounted fares, borrowing equipment – what else haven’t you done to cut travel costs? Of course it definitely helps to have an itinerary to follow. An idea of personal finance could also come in handy – your plans in bullet form or in a spreadsheet (for those who are more OC). A pen and a paper on the side for notes or expenses listing. Again, the rush of planning an adventure and then where to go next.

But the funds… where do you get them?

And now the what if…

Now what if there was a way to add a couple more bills in your wallet. Of course there are definitely those ways. Extra cash? Extra income? There are ads all around, but how flexible are they?

Now why don’t you, use what you know? Know some English? Have ideas running through your head?
Why don’t you use what you have? High- speed internet access? A laptop or a desktop?

Now why don’t you teach English Online – from anywhere you are where you have access to the internet and a computer of your own. Now why won’t that be a good idea? It’s money in the bank, then to your pocket and finally to the outstretched hand of your hostel landlady, or that tuktuk driver.

Kaching It!

RareJob, an Online English School which offers English Language Tutorials to mostly Japanese clients. It also offers Filipinos the opportunity to work from the comforts of their own homes.

We bring people together with the use of language, an alternative learning method, and common interests in cultures, travel, economy, business and even daily life. And we’re looking to work with more individuals who enjoy these things as well.


Ask us about this opportunity:
– chat with us on Skype via rarejob.application.team
– PM us on Facebook RareJob Philippines


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