Enjoy Toronto To The Fullest By Experiencing Its Live Music

The city of Toronto is full of exciting things to see and do for both its residents and its guests. While the city boasts a number of more typical tourist attractions, such as sports games, museums and art galleries, one of Toronto’s most popular and unique features is its live music scene.

Toronto_at_Dusk_-aPhoto from: http://en.wikipedia.org/

Visitors to the city will find a diversity of musical offerings that means there is something for everyone. Classical music enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the enormous number of classical orchestras including the TSO (Toronto Symphony Orchestra), which performs regularly at Roy Thompson Hall. The building’s unique design gives it perfect acoustics, allowing guests to enjoy the music to the fullest no matter where they are seated. Roy Thompson Hall also frequently plays host to international musical guests such as Yo-Yo Ma. The city also features a number of choirs and choruses that perform year-round, and even jazz ensembles and groups that perform throughout the city. For lovers of pop, there are several stadiums such as the Air Canada Centre and the Molson Amphitheatre which frequently host such acts, and for anyone who loves to party, venues in Toronto’s famed club district often host DJs from around the world.

TSO001Photo from: http://www.musicaltoronto.org/

One of the biggest and most popular aspects of Toronto’s live music scene, however, is the enormous number of indie acts the city hosts. The city has been a hotbed of live musical culture for years now; in particular, the last decade or so has seen the name “Toronto” become synonymous with a thriving indie culture. While some of the acts that have begun in this city, like Drake or Metric, have since moved on to bigger stadiums, many innovative indie bands have stayed in Toronto and continue to play shows all over the city.

One of the best places to go to hear the best new music is the Drake Hotel. This venue, true to its name, is indeed a boutique hotel, but it also features a number of unique amenities including a world-class bar and restaurant, and several venues for live music and entertainment. The Drake Hotel is one of the most popular music venues in the city, and is a popular draw for hip Torontonians and music enthusiasts, as bands, performers and DJs play a variety of music in both the Lounge and Underground venues every night.


Photo from: https://www.facebook.com/thedrakehoteltoronto

Music enthusiasts will love to take advantage of the incredible variety of live music Toronto has to offer. Any trip to Toronto should include a visit to the Drake Hotel – whether to take in a show, enjoy the delicious food and drinks, or even kick back for a stay in one of their luxurious rooms. No matter what you choose to do in Toronto, the Drake Hotel is the place to be.

Author Bio:

Francis Jodden is a travel and tourism expert who loves to share his adventures with the many followers of his blog. He recently took a trip to Toronto and had an amazing stay in the Drake Hotel, which he found after searching for the best boutique hotels in the city. He highly recommends you check out their amazing facilities, such as their restaurant and café, at www.thedrakehotel.ca/dining or click here to read more about The Drake Hotel and start planning your trip!


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