KL – SG 2013 Travel Video

If you’re following me in Instagram, you might notice that since Saturday I’ve been posting photos from my KL – SG trip last year. For 6 days and 5 nights, 4 bus rides, countless train rides, 3 different beds, 2 cities, the art of crossing borders is equals to 1 epic trip. It’s that memorable, I haven’t finish my series! Chos! Promise I’ll make time to finish it 😛

So enough of my excuses, here’s a video made  by one of my travel buddies.

Getting lost was a bad habit we couldn’t break. We unnecessarily walked several kilometers under the scorching sun while carrying heavy backpacks. At one point or another, we just wanted to give in to the excruciating need for a comfy bed or the craving to fill up an empty tummy. Feet hurting, legs throbbing, backs aching, stomachs grumbling and every nook and cranny in our bodies covered in sweat. We could have yelled at each other and simply gave up. Yet, we did not falter. We tested our limits and pushed ourselves further. The hits and misses taught me a lot of things.

Now, we will let out a laugh or two whenever we see a Maybank building. I still get chills when the image of an empty parking lot and those audacious monstrous rats pop in my head. Ah, our first mishap happened on our very first night in Kuala Lumpur. At 11 in the evening to be exact. It was like a scene from a horror movie where one by one the characters all get murdered. Thank goodness, we were spared to complete the 6-day adventure.

Commuting was also a hit or miss. Bravo for us though in fearlessly riding buses, trains and boats in foreign lands. We learned never to prejudge a ticket’s worth without knowing the distance we’re gonna cross. Our impatience and fatigue led us to hopping random buses worked to our advantage. Let’s take more risks. Sometimes you just need to lose control and enjoy. When we finally got the hang of switching lanes at the train station and picking the right buses, it was an achievement we weren’t happy with since it surfaced at the last leg of the trip. But hey, better late than never, right? Speaking of never, NEVER trust locals when they say “It’s really near.” People do have different perspectives or perhaps, in this case, the metric system 1km = 10,000meters. So, go with your gut.

We devoured as much local food as we can. We wanted to taste culture! The vegan food was to die for, ayt? The rotti, the milk teas, rice balls and the biryani. But we are guilty of eating an endangered animal at Jalan Alor. May God have mercy on our souls.

Along the way, we met so many people. How could we forget that Michelin-baby with uber cool hipster parents in Chinatown? Or that quirky and funny Chinese guy who married a Filipina? Wasn’t he the one who enlightened us on how locals easily identified our race? We were so perplexed that we started examining our physical features and even our mannerisms. Ah, be kind to oneself dear. I remember that Singaporean kid who played with the guests and put a curse on me while visiting her country. I am favored by the stars. Oh yeah, we have pen memorabilia for answering survey about milk back in Malaysia. Call that a sweet deal.

Since we were on a tight budget, we became the very essence of penny pinchers. As a result, we only feasted our eyes on so many merchandise along the streets of Malacca. So many gorgeous things, so little money. Malacca is such a wonderful place. If you are an artist or just a romantic, let this place sweep you off your feet.

We had our 2nd (3rd? 4th?) childhood at Universal Studios. We shouted, cried, and laughed all at the same time while riding the rollercoaster. We’ll tell our grandchildren how epic the Mummy ride was. Yes, to our future selves, may we not let the child in us die.

The twists and turns, the bumps and the roundabouts all recorded in 3 mins or so. Thank you for the memories that would last a lifetime! To the Awas Ladies, my deepest gratitude.

(c) Ausie Molina

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2 thoughts on “KL – SG 2013 Travel Video

  1. Rem Tanauan says:

    Astig ang video nyo a, ang saya! ano ung song?

    At nabiktima rin pala kayo ng “Dyan lang” distance. Very Asian perspective. Kala ko mga Pinoy lang. Interesting to note ang cultural similarities. =D

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