Last Friday Night: PTB’s Slumber Party Part 2

Gone were the days when I define party as literally getting well dressed and going to the “it” clubs in the metro. Now, staying in with good food, some drinks and great company is all the fun I need.


It happened one Friday night in the 19th floor of the newly renovated The Linden Suites Hotel. It’s been a while since I’ve been with other travelers, so for me it’s a good way to start my year. (Hello! Mga top travel bloggers lang naman kasama mo, tingnan mo kung hindi ka ma-star struck bawat lingon mo sa kwarto! Hihi) 

We were quite many in that room but it was spacious enough to find our own spot. At around 9:00 PM, everybody indulged in our Filipino themed dinner. We had  Pinoy-styled spaghetti, spring rolls, cheese sticks, chopsuey, chicharon (etc) and the star of the table… the yummy lechon belly of Cebu brought by Atty. Julius.


Photo by: Kirk Acebron

Also our high energy and non-stop singing and chatting we’re powered by Fly Ace Corp.’s Fontera wines! And mind you, I’ve lost count how many glasses I consumed that night! #dayum haha


Photo by: Melo Villareal



Photo by: Marx Velasco

Thanks to Atty. Oman for bringing Magic Sing, the “bagets” couldn’t get hold of the mic from one song to another!

All smiles for the camera. Taking picture is the only thing that could get us all quiet … or not! Haha


At around 3:00 AM while my world spinning, I still managed to reach our room. Now this is what I like having an overnight party in Linden Suites. One room can be the party venue then the other for sleeping. I can be wasak without thinking how will I get home! 😛 The moment I saw our bed,  I can’t wait to jump into it and sleep for many hours. The mattress and pillows are sooo comfy and fluffy! Ugh! #couldnotaskformore 🙂


Non-stop singing til the wee of hours of the night, chatting, eating and drinking then repeat. That night was so memorable, I want to do it again.

The Linden Suites
37 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Manila 1600
(02) 638 7878



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