My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark


So light ’em up, up, up, light ’em up, up, up, light ’em up, up, up, I’m on fiaaarrrr!!! Sorry for that quick LSS, thanks to Team USA for playing it in their background. And before I make kwento my 2nd Pyromusical experience, I would like to congratulate the winners for this years show!

2nd Place: Jubilee Fireworks of UK

1st Place: Luiyang New Year Fireworks of China

Champion: Royal Pyrotechnie of Canada

Take note of this countries guys, you may want to consider to watch them next year ūüėČ

So moving on, last March 22 I was fortunate again to watch the last show of the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition in SM Mall of Asia. Together with some blogger friends, we witness how Team USA and our country light up the sky that night.


Since the show will start at around 7:30 PM, we¬†didn’t get bored because there are lots to do in the area while waiting.


One can watch the beautiful sunset, experience a ride or two in the Ferris Wheel and other rides. For those who like to eat, there are a lot of food choices. For example Bonchon, one of the events sponsor. Or how about drinking while waiting? Why not? Go for Tanduay. Adding to the liveliness to the crowd are the DJs playing non-stop good music, including one of the favorites DJ Marc Naval!


Come 7:30 PM when the lights went off then the music started¬†to play. Atlas Pyro Vision of Team USA started their display big time! And personally I like their song choices. From Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” to my LSS for a week, Fall Out Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark”. I was singing throughout their display it was like singing along with Frozen for the nth time.



And speaking of Frozen, since that night was the closing exhibition. Our very own Platinum Fireworks really let it go to their performance! (Oh di ba mai-connect lang?! :P)


They wowed the audience with a vibe like we’re watching different genres¬†of movies. From 007’s famous background music to¬†the Time Traveler’s Wife OST.

py8 py10


Oh look it’s a bird! No! It’s a firework …turned into a bird?


After the closing exhibition, SMDC also prepared a display. And guess what, we have no idea that Sarah will perform that night. Boo! Haha

Now that’s a way to close a competition!

See you again next year for the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition!




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