The Weekend That Was, exploring Lingayen, Pangasinan

The word “Liñgayen” was from the Pangasinan language word “lingawen” meaning ” to look back”.



The province of Pangasinan is not new to me. Every time I go there, it is always just to hear mass in Manaoag. I never really had a chance to explore the province. Good thing, me and my friends had an opportunity to go Lingayen, the capital town of Pangasinan. And we just couldn’t say no 🙂

Hailed as a second-class municipality, it is situated along the famous Lingayen Gulf, the Agno River and Limahong Channel. And because of its location, fishponds and nipa palms abound throughout the town. Its climate is cool and chilly during December to February, warm in March and April and wet from May to October. Accessible by land, water, and air transportation, the town is now thickly populated and progressive. It is also becoming an educational center in Western Pangasinan. (Courtesy of the Historical Background of Lingayen, Pangasinan)

Right after the wedding of our very good friend Gelai, we decided to roam around town. And this was how our adventure went;

Aguedo Agbayani Park


A well lighted and maintained park right in front of the capitol building.


So happy to be toured around in Lingayen with this girl! Mica of 

Provincial Capitol Building



Grand. It was like stepping back in time. The wood furnishing was superb. Definitely, it’s must see when you visit Lingayen.


Veteran’s Memorial Park


10299421_10152357915525991_430225731_n (1)

A historical park right across the Provincial Capitol Building. It was built to remember the Lingayen Gulf Landing.


Lingayen Beach

Sea breeze, sound of the waves, digging your toes in the sands, stars, seeing fireworks from afar, friends and music. Who says going to the beach just to chill at night is a bad idea?! Hehe 😛


Fortunately, it was the town’s Pistay Dayat event so there were lot of food stalls, bands performing and people walking around.


And speaking of a lot of food stalls, this is how we end our night 🙂



The following day, our first stop was at the replica of the Ramos House. Which by the way a block away (Primicias St.) from our home in Lingayen, The President Hotel (soon to blog)

Ramos House



Being in Ramos house, I somewhat get to know more about our former President. Like did you know he’s into scuba diving?! Cool isn’t it? Also, I kinda miss my dad because of all the golf clubs I saw in the house.



If you want to visit the Ramos House, just coordinate with the tourism office of Lingayen to have an appointment with the care taker for free 😉

Bagoong Factory

If only I can hold my breath for the time we’ve been to the factory, I would. Hahaha! But given the fact that Pangasinan is the major source of salt of our country, me and my friends decided to visit one factory and ended up buying a lot of eeerrr salt from them.


Calasiao Side Trip


In the heat of 1:00 PM summer sun, we braved the nearby town of Calasiao to visit a church and buy some puto (rice cakes). Calasiao is a 45 minutes jeep and 30 minutes bus ride from Lingayen to Dagupan, then another 15 minutes jeep ride from Dagupan to Calasiao.

Parish Church of Saints Peter and Paul


Puto Calasiao


Every province has their own version of puto or rice cakes. In Calasiao, their specialty is the bite-sized, ceramic oven baked puto (Putong Calasiao). You can buy these goodies for P 100/kilo across Parish of Saints Peter and Paul.


After buying a lot of putong calasiao for pasalubong and  almost making a music video for Calasiao, we headed back to Lingayen to visit one last must see place in town.

Urduja House


Our last stop was at Governor’s house or commonly known as Urduja’s House. Again, it’s open to the public and they do not collect any fees.

This is also the venue where they hold important meeting.


How to get to Lingayen, Pangasinan


Victory Liner offers a fast but safe and comfortable journey to Lingayen. On our way back to Manila,  were lucky to board a new bus. It was a stress free 5-hour journey back home. The reclining seats were working and oh I like the movies they’ve shown that time 🙂 
Updated Bus Schedules
Cubao to Lingayen (6 PM, 7 PM, 8 PM, 9 PM 10 PM and 11.40 PM)
Pasay to Lingayen (12.30 PM, 3 PM, 5.30 PM)
Lingayen to Cubao (last bus leaves at 6:00 PM)
Fare matrix and schedules, please click here  
Contact Information:
Twitter:  @victorylinerinc
(02) 727-4688
(02) 410-8986
(02) 727-4534
(02) 833-4403
(02) 833-5019 to 20
(075) 542-3984
Special thanks to
Jherson of letting me use their photos in this post. 

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