Where to Stay in Melaka: Tidur-Tidur Guesthouse

In Malay, Tidur means sleep.

A T-shirt store upfront and a guesthouse running at the back, that describes Tidur-Tidur Guesthouse the best. Owned by a local designer (whom we get to meet personally during our stay) is doing a one man show running his two businesses. Strategically located at the heart of Melaka, the guesthouse is close to all the tourist attractions and local eateries. Plus at the back is the Malacca River, pleasing views, especially at sunset 🙂



Our room was a 4 bed basic private room, but it’s just perfect for our overnight in Melaka. As usual, the room is very basic and quite small for us. The bed creaks even in a very slight movement but if you’re the type of person who sleeps in one position all night, then you wouldn’t mind. For its really cheap price, the hostel is very clean and has plenty of showers and toilets for everyone. Also, all rooms are equipped with a fan and the whole place has a shared Air-con system.




Though there are no breakfast provided, it’s okay for us because we’re able to find  Number 41 Guesthouse and Bistro where we had one memorable breakfast and chat with a Chinese man. Overall staying at Tidur-Tidur Guesthouse was not bad at all and it was pretty worth the money spent. I would definitely recommend this place if you plan to do more outdoor activities. And if you want tips where to go or what to do in Melaka, don’t be shy to ask the owner Stanley for some recommendations and he’ll pull out his map and show you where to go.



Tidur-Tidur Guesthouse
92 Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka

Prices are as follow:
Mon to Thurs – RM 15/bed
Fri to Sun – RM 20/bed

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