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It’s been almost a year since this blog has been active. Last year was a bit of a roller coaster ride. I didn’t get to retrieve our domain, I’ve experienced a so -called writer’s block, became uninspired and a lot of random excuses that made me neglect this blog. It feels like I don’t have anything to write but in reality there are actually a lot. A long list of backlogs and trips that I haven’t write yet. Trust me there are times I tried to write but nothing happened 😦 And before I rant about other things, shall we now move on and try to finish this blog post?


So right now I’m currently revamping this blog. I just finished transferring some of my posts from my previous blog (but I still need to re-edit them) and trying to make blogging a habit again. Also, my friend Abee is now helping me to run this blog. She also loves to travel and is crazy about make-up and fashion. We’ve brainstorming a lot on how we’ll incorporate her ideas in here. We’ll see what will happen haha!

It’s 3:oo PM, still haven’t eaten my lunch with a non-stop playlist of “brain music” in the background I may have some commitment issues but I’ll try my best to post something new (or a backlog) at least once a week starting next week. *fingers-crossed*

– Kaiye


Shout out to those people who told me to continue this blog. I love you and thank you for all the support 🙂 #lablablab 😉


What’s Inside The Two Broke Girls’ Backpack

And we’re back! To start off our Boracay posts, we decided to share to you what we brought in our 3days/2nights trip!

When on the road we must be sure to bring all the things we need and it must fit our ever faithful backpacks.


“pashima, 2 cover ups, 3 tops, 1 set bikini, 1 board shorts, 1 denim shorts, toiletries, shades and headware” – Endette


“1 cover up (which I didn’t get to use), 1 tank top, 4 tops (I only get to wear 2 haha), 2 sets of bikini, 1 board shorts, 1 denim shorts, bag of toiletries, ID holder (praning ako pag wala ito sa’kin), headware (which I won from the PHL360 closing party)” – Kaiye

Here’s our Top 3 must-haves:

1. Headware

Since I bought mine 2 months ago, I really have no idea if I will able to use it on our Boracay trip. Thankfully I get to watch some videos (hint: PHL360) I finally got some tips on how to wear it. And it became really handy during our trip. (We’re preparing a different post for this!)

2. VMV Hypoallergenics Aramda Sport 70

Kaiye’s luck in winning some contests really comes in handy. Armed with 70-90 SPF, no wonder we didn’t burnt our skin like what happened to us in El Nido.

3. Gadgets

A Nokia phone, a Samsung Tablet and a Nikon Cool Pix Camera. The Nokia is just a standard call and text phone (both of us use this because of its durability plus its snatcher proof!) A Samsung tablet 7.0 for the necessary tweeting and updates, this can also be used as a cellphone. During our Boracay trip, we used Sun Cellular’s i150 for All Day Internet service, the connection in the island was good we didn’t have problems with connectivity. The service cost 100 pesos which is the cheapest price for a 3 day unlimited internet.

Remember, whenever going a trip regardless if it is a weekend out or an epic trip planning is essential. Bring only the essentials and review rules in air travel. We don’t want anything confiscated by airport staff.

Note: This is not a sponsored post.


PHL360’s Season 1 Closing Party

The journey that we made towards 10-A Alabama St. in Quezon City was no different than the other trips we made in the Metro. Rush hour, traffic among other things, when we arrived in the venue it was different.

The house was already a treat. I personally love antique stuffs because my grandfather,  Amang Popoy was a magbobote and their old house was full of antique items.  I felt at home the moment I stepped inside the house because the things reminded me of my childhood. The backyard where we had the viewing party was held is even better.

A night out with a few drinks, a good chat is all we were after and of course to watch the last episode of PHL360.

The privilege of chatting with the cast Chyng ReyesRobert AlejandroRon Cruz, Dong Ho and the crew was more than we could have asked for. All of them were very accommodating and they made sure that we felt at home in the venue. They told us scenes that were not shown in the show. They told us about that the show was just an idea shared in the internet and setbacks they have encountered while filming.  It was amazing that they started conceptualizing the show with only a handful of sponsors; telling us that they did not expect the overwhelming reception of the viewers. The cast also gave us pieces of advice in travel. There ice cold drinks and some food served for everyone.

The cast and crew sharing off-cam stories 

One big smile

Kaiye’s fan girl moment. Pictures with the cast,  NatzKenneth and some travel enthusiasts. 

Take home goodies! We love the Dispatch Mag Online Journal

Kaiye’s most priced possession! Travel/blogging tips from the cast! 

We really enjoyed the night and the best news is there will be Season 2. (I know, Kaiye’s screaming for joy when she heard about it!)

Thank you PHL360 for having us last Saturday!

We are The Broke Girls and we completed the circle. Naks! Pwede!  😉

Some photos are from PHL360’s facebook page

Completing The Circle

“With the Philippine archipelago as the backdrop, 8 indie travelers take us through a full circle of travel.”


What’s your favorite TV show? Gossip Girl? Glee? The Walking Dead? Survivor? You know that feeling when one of those ends their season and you become sad because you need to wait 3 months or more just to watch it again? Well my personal favorite online reality travel show will end their 1st season 10 days  from now!

And because I love the show so much, I will give 3 reasons why YOU should watch PHL360!

1. It’s online based. You can watch your favorite episodes over and over and over and over again.

2. It shows how b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l our country is!

3. It inspires you to travel more, to discover places, and to be brave to try out new things.

PHL 360 is an independent production organization composed of travel advocates, bloggers, photographers and 
cinematographers. We are producing a series of webisodes fostering independent and advocacy travel marketed through the new media.

Now I present you the cast! Endette and Natz knows that I’m team Chichi and Ron!  (Well, besides I love the place they went to! Duh! El Nido lang naman! I really love their humor and how they bully support each other! Haha)

The Cast (from left to right)

Hannah Villasis

Dong Ho 

Chyng Reyes

Robert Alejandro

Chichi Bacolod

Ron Cruz

Monette Fernandez

Robbie Bautista


Sa sobrang addicted ko sa show, nung nag tweet ang PHL360 that they’ll be having a closing party ( I’LL GET TO MEET THE CAST AND CREW!!!! OMG OMG OMG) I think isa ako sa mga naunang nag send ng form sa kanila! Haha

(see picture below)

For updates:




*Photos from PHL360’s official Facebook fan page

The Dream To Travel Solo

“Traveling alone gives you time to see the things you want to and to meet people you would never normally speak to. If you are contemplating solo travel pluck up your courage, know your limits and when all else fails, feign confidence.”

The other day Kaiye texted me if I was up to try to travel solo. Of course, I was so excited and I agreed instantly. Then I sat to can think if we can do it. Then, the second question that pops in my head is where in the Philippines are we going?!

We agreed on a few things on the particulars of our solo trip:

1. I am going North and Kaiye is going South.

2. We can re visit a place where we have  been.

3.  We cannot take a two-way plane ride because of the cost. So, we must take a combination of land or sea transportation and a one way plane ride.

4. The duration of the trip is between 4-5 days.

5. The solo trip will be next year.

Any suggestions on where we should go?

The Act of Saving Your Travel Fund

It’s travel month once again and we’re off to Boracay on the 23rd. Believe it or not it will be our first time to go there. And what’s the number 1 issue again, yes you say it right, budget! Money, travel budget, travel funds etc.

After our Palawan trip, I’d told myself to save money for this trip. And read a lot of tips from different travel bloggers on how they’ve saved theirs. So yaaay for me cos I’ve came up some tested tips on how to save travel funds in a short time.

1. Sell some of your stuff.

Let go of your clothes, shoes and bags that you probably didn’t get to use for 3 months.

2. Skip the luxuries. 

I used to own a Blackberry. So every month I subscribe to the plans like worth 299/month. Plus I pay an extra 350 for my postpaid line. I know it’s not too much, but after the experience of traveling. I learned so much about being practical. So I ditched my Blackberry (cos I also got bored with it) and just enjoyed my low profile Nokia phone.

3. Stay away from malls.

So that you won’t be tempted to shop! Even they’re on sale!

4. Get a second job. 

Yes, my job pays well. But my salary only goes to the house bills. I asked around and luckily an old colleague referred me to this events  company that pays well. So now,  the extra money becomes my savings for travel.

5. Learn to say “no”.

In the office, we have this Monday habit of drinking milk tea. So for a month I spend 400 pesos just for milk tea! Gah! 400 pesos can lead to places, can let me sleep in unusual places or anything travel related experience! After realizing some things, I finally got the courage to say no when they asks me to have milk tea. I learned to turn down lunch and dinner dates. Of course I still go out, drink milk tea. But only once a month.

Now this is what traveling has taught me. Instead of spending money over things that I really don’t need. Why earn and spend it to buy experience?!

So do you have useful and long term saving tips? Share it to me pretty please? 🙂

SM Parisian for Philippine Fashion Week 2012

The rain did not stop us from attending the Philippine Fashion Week featuring SM Department Stores house brands like Milano, Salvatore Mann, Parisian Shoes and Bags, Tough Kids and Sugar Kids. SMX Hall 2 was filled with people whose excited to see the show.

We were joined friends who were so excited to see the Holiday Collections of the Brands. We saw some celebrities in the VIP rows like Dimples Romana and Jolina Magdangal. We found the best seats that was not too near nor far to the runway and we got the brand catalogs that was discount vouchers inside.  Before the show started we were greeted by the pretty Ms. Rina, the person who gave us the invites.

The show started with men’s brand like Salvatore Mann and Milano. Of course, aside from the good looking models we admired the shoes. They featured shoes that is for formal and casual affairs; all in shades of grey, blue and brown.

Next are the kids brands like Tough Kids and Sugar Kids. This was the first time that they had featured kids in the show, so it was a real joy to see them walk.

The last part of the show was the Parisian line, that featured boots in dark and pastel colors, glittery pumps chopine platforms and bags.

After the show show we even had our picture taken in the runway. Kudos to the whole team of SM Parisian for pulling off a great show!

Specials thanks to Ms. Rina Lacia-Bugayong  of SM.

Credits to Kaiye’s personal blog for the pictures.

SM Department Store is a founding retail center where various brands of fashion, footwear, bags, accessories, toys, gadgets and other types of products can be found.

Travel Massive Manila

Nice venue, cool crowd and plenty of stories on the road. That is the best thing to describe Travel Massive. Travel Massive was held last night at B-Side, Makati. And we’re lucky to be part to this one of a kind event for travel enthusiasts.

Good company + good stories + ice cold beers = perfect night

The event was hosted by two of our favorite travel bloggers Lois Yasay and DJ Yabis


 Present were travel bloggers who shared their epic backpacking adventures in Europe, Asia and in other places that we may never think of going in an “open mic”.  Discussions on couch surfing and its benefits for travelers. There were tips on how to meet people while on the road; like to smile and always be open minded. The talks really motivated travel in destinations that is not into commercial tourism. Most speakers said the we should never judge people  and to  keep an open mind. Travelers are also encouraged to do something in return to the community that they have visited though activities like books haring and volunteering.

There was also a discussion on surfing and the speaker gave the best places to start this activity.  She also mentioned that you don’t need huge waves to start surfing.

The owner of  Circle Hostel was also present  he said  he was inspired to put up  a “real hostel” in the Philippines because of their good experiences abroad.

  There were also games and winners received items for travel from sponsors.

With the co-Founder of Travel Massive, Ian!

New friends Jam and Natz

With the tall, dark, handsome (and hot) James 

Lois Yasay

According to Ian, the Manila leg of Travel Massive is the biggest crowd turn out in Asia.

And hopefully there will be a repeat early December!

 For updates visit:



Idols Face Off

Meeting the people you look up to is a very amazing experience! Whether it’s an artist, band, or in my case travel bloggers. When I joined the contest by Sole Sisters, I was really praying to win cos of the prize PLUS the chance to actually meet Lois Yasay! And when she sent a message in facebook that I won the contest. Questions started to pop in my head! Questions that I always wanted to ask her!

So last September 27, I met up with Ms. Lois at The Dome in Shangri-La Mall. (Too bad Endette was sick then) I get to meet her and the incredible DJ Yabis (Wow jackpot! Two travel bloggers one night!)

Meeting them both was surreal! I learned a lot! From saving money for your next travel funds, best airline, where to go next etc. And they told two things that I would never forget;

“Just go for it!” – Lois

“Fake it till you make it!” – DJ

Here is our picture! With my prize the VMV Hypoallegenics Armada 70 Sport!  I can’t wait to use it in our Boracay trip next month!

Can’t wait to meet other travel bloggers and compile all those wisdom they will tell me! 😉