You Think You Know Skiing—But You Haven’t Tried It With A Helicopter Yet

Downhill skiing is a standard outdoor pastime for many adventurous sport fans. It’s a fun and exciting way to explore the great outdoors, but for some thrill-seeking adventurers, it runs the risk of becoming just the ‘same old.’ For those explorers who are bored with the status quo, heli skiing is the natural step. Heli skiing is a shot of adrenaline into the heart of skiing, creating an exhilarating and incomparable experience.

But what is it? As its name suggests, heli skiing involves travelling by helicopter to remote alpine regions—areas of the world where the best, untouched terrains are just waiting for you and your friends to lay claim and race down their peaks.  Since its inception forty years ago, the mountain ranges of British Columbia have become a favourite spot for heli skiing enthusiasts. With over twenty heli skiing spots scattered across the province, it is the heli skiing capital of the world. Northern British Columbia is especially preferred because of its remote and immense landscapes. The virgin snow found on these peaks, maintained by cool temperatures and consistent snowfalls, create epic descents unlike anything you could find at a ski resort.

Heli skiing trades in the old manufactured slopes found at these resorts for the deep powders and untracked terrain of the great outdoors. The breathtaking views that these remote locations afford you are just an added bonus. Check out to see what kind of small group vacation packages are available for those of you who want to leave the boring ski resorts behind. With only the pilot and guide and up to four skiers in each group, you are truly secluded—you never have to worry about sharing the ski hills with annoying crowds that could ruin your vacation. The rough terrain and powder snow are entirely yours. Due to the limited number of people skiing, heli skiing is a personal and tailored experience for you and your friends. Your vacation is entirely customizable, creating a truly different and unforgettable holiday.

The best heli skiing companies will rarely postpone trips due to weather, offering flights to these locales almost every day of the year. Depending on your schedule and skill level, you can plan for up to six full days of unlimited skiing in the world’s most beautiful locations. So if you’re searching for an exciting way to vary your next skiing adventure, then heli skiing, with its amazing views, customizable packages, and challenging slopes, is for you.