Where to Stay in Melaka: Tidur-Tidur Guesthouse

In Malay, Tidur means sleep.

A T-shirt store upfront and a guesthouse running at the back, that describes Tidur-Tidur Guesthouse the best. Owned by a local designer (whom we get to meet personally during our stay) is doing a one man show running his two businesses. Strategically located at the heart of Melaka, the guesthouse is close to all the tourist attractions and local eateries. Plus at the back is the Malacca River, pleasing views, especially at sunset 🙂



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Where to Stay in Lingayen, Pangasinan: The President Hotel


Travelling to the province, especially on a Friday night is not a joke. Alongside with my friend, Mai of Budget Biyahera. We traveled from Cubao to Lingayen for a solid 6 freaking hours! And all throughout the trip we thought about how can we teleport in our hotel bed. The President Hotel, our home for 2 nights is strategically located along Maramba Boulevard in Lingayen, Pangasinan. The hotel is also considered as one of the historical spots in the city because the house of the 12th Philippine President, Fidel V. Ramos once stood there. Continue reading “Where to Stay in Lingayen, Pangasinan: The President Hotel”

7 Selfies in the 7 Lakes of San Pablo, City Laguna

Now that I live in Quezon City, travelling to the South is not a big deal for me anymore. San Pablo City, Laguna, just a 2-hour drive or bus ride away from Manila, boasts its different attractions bursting with culture and heritage. Their local delicacies, guided nature-treks and lake tours are something to look forward to.

Last weekend, me and my future Thailand travel buddies decided to explore the city’s main attraction: The San Pablo Seven Lakes. Because I didn’t have the luxury of time to research the area, #minsantamad we relied on our printed Google map and kept bugging the locals we see in the streets to ask for directions.

Dubbed as one of a kind in the Philippines, and probably the world, the seven lakes of San Pablo City was formed by phreatomagmatic eruptions, an eruption where ground water comes in contact with hot magma pushing up near the Earth’s surface.* Aside from the beauty that the lakes possess, the lakes also provide livelihood to the locals in terms or fishing and tourism.

Now, let me take a selfie!


It all started as a joke of taking a selfie in each lake. Thus, the idea of this blog post was born.

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The first of many, Hong Kong Trip

12 hours before our flight, I realized I did something stupid. Like really really stupid. When I was checking all my documents, I noticed that I booked the wrong flight! No wonder I didn’t receive my e-boarding pass 2 days before. The horror! And since I do not own a credit card (decided to cut it 2 years ago) I immediately called a friend and asked her to book me a new flight. Thank heavens I got a ticket in Tiger Airways and it was worth 5,470 feysus! My most expensive one way ticket to date. #shithappens


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My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark


So light ’em up, up, up, light ’em up, up, up, light ’em up, up, up, I’m on fiaaarrrr!!! Sorry for that quick LSS, thanks to Team USA for playing it in their background. And before I make kwento my 2nd Pyromusical experience, I would like to congratulate the winners for this years show!

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KL – SG 2013 Travel Video

If you’re following me in Instagram, you might notice that since Saturday I’ve been posting photos from my KL – SG trip last year. For 6 days and 5 nights, 4 bus rides, countless train rides, 3 different beds, 2 cities, the art of crossing borders is equals to 1 epic trip. It’s that memorable, I haven’t finish my series! Chos! Promise I’ll make time to finish it 😛

So enough of my excuses, here’s a video made  by one of my travel buddies.

Getting lost was a bad habit we couldn’t break. We unnecessarily walked several kilometers under the scorching sun while carrying heavy backpacks. At one point or another, we just wanted to give in to the excruciating need for a comfy bed or the craving to fill up an empty tummy. Feet hurting, legs throbbing, backs aching, stomachs grumbling and every nook and cranny in our bodies covered in sweat. We could have yelled at each other and simply gave up. Yet, we did not falter. We tested our limits and pushed ourselves further. The hits and misses taught me a lot of things.

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