Last Friday Night: PTB’s Slumber Party Part 2

Gone were the days when I define party as literally getting well dressed and going to the “it” clubs in the metro. Now, staying in with good food, some drinks and great company is all the fun I need.


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KL – SG 2013 Travel Video

If you’re following me in Instagram, you might notice that since Saturday I’ve been posting photos from my KL – SG trip last year. For 6 days and 5 nights, 4 bus rides, countless train rides, 3 different beds, 2 cities, the art of crossing borders is equals to 1 epic trip. It’s that memorable, I haven’t finish my series! Chos! Promise I’ll make time to finish it 😛

So enough of my excuses, here’s a video made  by one of my travel buddies.

Getting lost was a bad habit we couldn’t break. We unnecessarily walked several kilometers under the scorching sun while carrying heavy backpacks. At one point or another, we just wanted to give in to the excruciating need for a comfy bed or the craving to fill up an empty tummy. Feet hurting, legs throbbing, backs aching, stomachs grumbling and every nook and cranny in our bodies covered in sweat. We could have yelled at each other and simply gave up. Yet, we did not falter. We tested our limits and pushed ourselves further. The hits and misses taught me a lot of things.

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Enjoy Toronto To The Fullest By Experiencing Its Live Music

The city of Toronto is full of exciting things to see and do for both its residents and its guests. While the city boasts a number of more typical tourist attractions, such as sports games, museums and art galleries, one of Toronto’s most popular and unique features is its live music scene.

Toronto_at_Dusk_-aPhoto from:

Visitors to the city will find a diversity of musical offerings that means there is something for everyone. Classical music enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the enormous number of classical orchestras including the TSO (Toronto Symphony Orchestra), which performs regularly at Roy Thompson Hall. The building’s unique design gives it perfect acoustics, allowing guests to enjoy the music to the fullest no matter where they are seated. Roy Thompson Hall also frequently plays host to international musical guests such as Yo-Yo Ma. The city also features a number of choirs and choruses that perform year-round, and even jazz ensembles and groups that perform throughout the city. For lovers of pop, there are several stadiums such as the Air Canada Centre and the Molson Amphitheatre which frequently host such acts, and for anyone who loves to party, venues in Toronto’s famed club district often host DJs from around the world.

TSO001Photo from:

One of the biggest and most popular aspects of Toronto’s live music scene, however, is the enormous number of indie acts the city hosts. The city has been a hotbed of live musical culture for years now; in particular, the last decade or so has seen the name “Toronto” become synonymous with a thriving indie culture. While some of the acts that have begun in this city, like Drake or Metric, have since moved on to bigger stadiums, many innovative indie bands have stayed in Toronto and continue to play shows all over the city.

One of the best places to go to hear the best new music is the Drake Hotel. This venue, true to its name, is indeed a boutique hotel, but it also features a number of unique amenities including a world-class bar and restaurant, and several venues for live music and entertainment. The Drake Hotel is one of the most popular music venues in the city, and is a popular draw for hip Torontonians and music enthusiasts, as bands, performers and DJs play a variety of music in both the Lounge and Underground venues every night.


Photo from:

Music enthusiasts will love to take advantage of the incredible variety of live music Toronto has to offer. Any trip to Toronto should include a visit to the Drake Hotel – whether to take in a show, enjoy the delicious food and drinks, or even kick back for a stay in one of their luxurious rooms. No matter what you choose to do in Toronto, the Drake Hotel is the place to be.

Author Bio:

Francis Jodden is a travel and tourism expert who loves to share his adventures with the many followers of his blog. He recently took a trip to Toronto and had an amazing stay in the Drake Hotel, which he found after searching for the best boutique hotels in the city. He highly recommends you check out their amazing facilities, such as their restaurant and café, at or click here to read more about The Drake Hotel and start planning your trip!

RareJob – Kaching! In

The Matter of Travel Funds

One of the things people usually consider when planning a trip is travel funds. That is why many people try to look for the cheapest route possible or the cheapest accommodations. All around, travel blogs and travellers themselves share about their escapades which were accomplished on a shoestring budget. There are lists of how to do it and where to find the best options. It’s a treasure hunt.

And yes, no doubt it can get quite exciting. In fact, it can be considered an adventure on its own, a challenge to get by having to tighten your belt and touchdown at your hometown in one piece. There’s the rush and sweat of computing and re- computing where the money went all of a sudden. But in the end, there’s the satisfaction that you made it. And you can taste victory.

Cost- Cutting

Couchsurfing, discounted fares, borrowing equipment – what else haven’t you done to cut travel costs? Of course it definitely helps to have an itinerary to follow. An idea of personal finance could also come in handy – your plans in bullet form or in a spreadsheet (for those who are more OC). A pen and a paper on the side for notes or expenses listing. Again, the rush of planning an adventure and then where to go next.

But the funds… where do you get them?

And now the what if…

Now what if there was a way to add a couple more bills in your wallet. Of course there are definitely those ways. Extra cash? Extra income? There are ads all around, but how flexible are they?

Now why don’t you, use what you know? Know some English? Have ideas running through your head?
Why don’t you use what you have? High- speed internet access? A laptop or a desktop?

Now why don’t you teach English Online – from anywhere you are where you have access to the internet and a computer of your own. Now why won’t that be a good idea? It’s money in the bank, then to your pocket and finally to the outstretched hand of your hostel landlady, or that tuktuk driver.

Kaching It!

RareJob, an Online English School which offers English Language Tutorials to mostly Japanese clients. It also offers Filipinos the opportunity to work from the comforts of their own homes.

We bring people together with the use of language, an alternative learning method, and common interests in cultures, travel, economy, business and even daily life. And we’re looking to work with more individuals who enjoy these things as well.


Ask us about this opportunity:
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Tasmania – Great Destination For Any Retreat

Winegalss Bay, Tasmania, Australia(1)

When you are looking for a place to visit, Tasmania is a beautiful destination to consider. Not only for the natural beauty, and the many tourist spots, but also for the fine man made spots, and destinations that you are bound to love, when you visit for the first time. Whether it is a family trip, a trip with friends, or a trip you are going to take on your own, the earlier you plan things out, and the earlier you lay out the itinerary and travel plans, the better the trip will be, and the easier it is going to be to ensure you are going to make it to each of the spots you want to visit when you are planning the trip out.

Plan it out early –

When planning the itinerary, a great place for you to begin the search is for you to visit Not only is this a place you can lay out the travel plans, it is also where you go to book your camper. Doing this you are then going to be able to find the best deals on the van you are going to rent for the trip you are going to take; additionally, you can find the best rates for the planned spots that you want to visit, as you are planning the entire trip, and all spots you are going to visit when you are in Tasmania.

Where to go –
In addition to the Tasmania beaches you are going to visit, there are a number of spots you will find that are quite beautiful, and also should be added to the itinerary for your trip. When you plan things out, you are going to find that it is easier to make it to all spots you want to go; and, when you plan early, it is also easier to ensure you are going to visit each of the spots you want to visit, when you are planning the entire trip that you are going to take. Due to the fact that there are many beaches, and quite a few activities you are going to be able to engage in when you visit them, it is best for you to take the time to consider this early, and to plan out where you want to go, so as to ensure you are not going to miss any of the hot spots you want to visit, when you are going to be in Tasmania.

Save on travels –
When you book early, and when you book your itinerary and trip plans online, you find the camper that is most suited for you and your family, and you also find the best deals when you are prepared to book. Due to the fact that you are planning in advance, and are booking the deals in advance, you are then going to find the best possible rates, and you are going to have more to choose from, when the time comes for you to book your trip out. Since there is more than one way for you to travel, you have to know the best routes, and how to get to them; with the right camper, and itinerary in hand, it is far easier on you when traveling, to ensure you go where you want to go, and also to pay a lower price for the entire course of the trip that you are going to take, when you are visiting Tasmania for the first time, with friends, family, or even a trip you are going to take on your own.

Whether you are going to visit for a long or short time, you are going to find that there are quite a few ways to plan your trip out; when you plan early, and when you book early, you not only find what you need for the trip, you also save on the price of your travels. So, before you book, prepare your itinerary, plan the destinations you want to go to during the trip, and place the booking early online, so that you can find the best rates, and the ideal camper, for your family to take on that trip.

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Pack It All – Plan Early To Ensure You Have It All

When you are visiting New Zealand, the trip is going to allow you to see and do many things; when you book your camper on, you are going to be able to plan the trip out in the order you want to take it in. You are going to see the sites you want to see, you can visit the destinations you want to visit, and you are going to be able to take the trip to certain destinations, for the duration that you want to visit them. If you travel on public transport, you are greatly limited on your camping trip; but, when you take your own camper, you are free to roam where you please.

Essentials –
On the camper van, you have the means to cook on board; this means you can buy food, so as to avoid having to dine out each time you are going to eat. No matter what you want, you have the full size refrigerator, and you also have the stove, oven, and the ability to cook any meal. For this reason, it is a good idea to pack out foods, and plan out your meals, so you can have all you need in advance; when you have a camper, you can store everything during the trip, and prepare it on the days and nights you want to prepare it for.

Sleeping –
You will not need camping bags or other items; with beds, and cabins to sleep in on board, you have more comfort, and also an easier way to travel light. You do not have to worry about bringing along sleeping bags and other items; instead, you sleep in the beds, and you only have to pack clothing, based on the season you are going to be visiting the area. At camp sites, you are also going to have various essentials on site; so you will have some items, even if you do not remember to pack them up with you, when you are preparing for the trip that you are going to be taking to New Zealand.

Your route –
When you are booking your trip and camper online, you can plan out the itinerary. SO, if you want to visit all the beaches, and other landmarks, you can do so; you can plan out the order, and where you are going to stop, as you plan the trip out through the site you are going to book the camper on. This will also allow you to determine which clothes and accessories you are going to have to pack with you, when you are planning the trip. Since you will need certain items for the beach, and others for different areas you are going to visit, it is a good idea for you to plan things out early, so that you can determine what the best items are to bring along with you, and so you can decide what the best methods are for your travels, when you are visiting.

Due to the fact that you have a camper, you are not going to have to buy food out every night, stay in a hotel, or tack on any other expenses that you would, when you normally travel; so, you are going to be able to enjoy the trip that you are planning out more instead. When you know where to book, and what to look for in the destinations you are visiting, you are going to find it is easier on you to determine the best routes and modes of travel, when you are ready to visit the sites you want to see. If you plan early, plan things out in advance, and decide on the places you are visiting early, it is much easier on you to find out what to bring, and leave behind, on the trip you are taking.

With many sites to see, and beaches to visit, plan early, so you can enjoy it all. When you map out the trip, not only is it easier for you to visit it all, you will also be able to remember all you are going to need, when you are packing things for the trip you are taking.

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Whistler, British Columbia: A Summer Mountain Vacation Like No Other

Americans living in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and Canadian residents of Vancouver are undoubtedly aware of the mountain paradise that lies two hours north along the Sea to Sky Highway. For those who haven’t yet had the opportunity, a wonderful vacation destination is nestled in the mountains in a village known to skiing enthusiasts all over the world as Whistler.


Image via:

Whistler, British Columbia is home to perhaps one of the best-known ski resorts in North America. The Whistler Blackcomb Resort offers world-class skiing and snowboarding from fall until well into the spring months and regularly attracts visitors from Europe, Asia and Australia. Intermediate and advanced skiers and boarders in particular appreciate the exclusive access to big-mountain heli-skiing over 173 glaciers and 475 runs.

Summer visitors to Whistler will find a great deal more to do besides ski during their stay, and Whistler Village is an amazing destination even for non-skiers. A favorite family-friendly attraction during the summer months is the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, which offers riding lessons to children as young as five years and where children over the age of seven can ride with an adult. The Peak 2 Peak Gondola lift offers spectacular aerial views of Whistler Village as well as the surrounding glaciers, forests, peaks and valleys. Whistler’s progressive side is also evident in its array of gay-friendly accommodations and activities, including the legal recognition of same-sex weddings, a variety of summer pride events sponsored by LGBTQ Whistler and a long list of TAG-approved accommodations. Visitors are also encouraged to bring their best canine friends along for the trip, with pet-friendly attractions ranging from dog-friendly beaches and parks to the Dogfest held in late April in conjunction with the annual TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

MERCEDES-BENZ CANADA INC. - Mercedes-Benz Sprinters

Image via:

A variety of transportation options are available from Vancouver to Whistler. Weekend bus fares from downtown Vancouver to Whistler start at 53 CAD (51.37 USD), with shuttle fares starting at 56 CAD (54.28 USD). Whistler transportation is also available via taxi, 10-passenger charter van and a variety of luxury options. Transportation from Vancouver International Airport includes bus fares from 63 CAD (61.06 USD) and shuttle fares from 78 CAD (75.60 USD).

With amazing activities and a progressive-minded atmosphere, Whistler offers a summer vacation experience like no other. Both skiers and summer vacationers looking to have the time of their lives should plan their next big vacation in Whistler, British Columbia.

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My 2013 Christmas Wish List

Hello to the 10 people who read my humble blog! 😛 How are you? Sorry for being in hiatus for the past 2 months, I’ve been busy and uhm lazy to get all my shznit done! But since it’s 6 days to go before Christmas, I decided to embrace my 5 year old self by writing here my Christmas wish list! ☺

1. Go Pro HD Hero 3

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